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gentlemansviewpointWalking around world cities gives you an opportunity to view things you would not notice using other types of transportation, and here is a fine example of one such discovery.

P1040229In the courtyard of this 17th Century building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you will find the commemorative plaque, shown below, disclosing an important event in the history of these two cities, linked by history. The plaque is now a bit time worn, and the owners of the building or the city could have certainly cleaned it up a little to preserve this historic memory for future generations.

P1040232The West Indian Company (W.I.C) was one of the very early stock companies in the world and after the establishment of the Dutch V.O.C.  (The East Indian Company) earlier, heralded in an era of  Westbound expansion and trade where alternately the British, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch traders and trading companies would lay the roots for free trade, the capitalist economic system, as well as, the roots for the modern day Multi-Nationals with all their excesses that we know so well today. The poster shown below was attached to one of the windows of the John Adams Institute which faces the street.

P1040228John Adams (1735-1826), was one of the authors of the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence, and became the de facto first Ambassador of that new country to the Netherlands in 1780.

John Adams

In 1765, The Braintree Instructions written by Adams was adopted by forty towns in Massachusetts, the document affirmed the unconstitutionality of taxation without representation. In 1797, John Adams became the second President of the United States. John Adams was the first real President that had to deal with the many different challenges of a modern Democracy.

In many parts of the world today, there is taxation without a true form of direct representation akin to the current American Two Party Congress acting as the chosen “Elitist Commanders in name only”, ignoring the interests of those that pay the bills! More appropriately, they have become public parasites, and have abandoned their role as public servants.

Real power is with the People, and not with the Multi National Corporations and their Congressional stooges imposing their will through the blood sucking TTIP agreement.