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Shown above is a Graphic Design-Advertising Brochure, France 1962, by Draeger Frères/Agence Wallace. Square format 27.5 cm. A superbly designed piece with surprising quotations by authors and painters marrying the art of the image with that of the word. Let’s have a look inside!

P1040426P1040427P1040429 P1040430 P1040431 P1040432 P1040433Shown above is a spread with the reproduction of an oil painting by Georges Mathieu.

P1040437P1040436P1040438P1040441“There is not a form nor a thing in this world that does not talk”- Kandinsky

P1040439P1040443P1040444P1040445P1040446P1040447P1040448 P1040449 P1040451P1040450Guillaume Apollinaire quote

P1040452P1040453P1040454P1040456Draeger was considered one of the foremost printers during the Twentieth Century in France, the brochure shows how they pull out all stops in the early sixties to capture the number one place in advertising. This piece of graphic design produced entirely in house with the mission to attract new clients succeeds admirably.