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gentlemanWhat difference does it make? Political scaming, fleecing corporations, fleecing taxpayers, manipulating public opinion, lacking transparency, tax scaming by corporations. What difference does it make? You greedy lying PIGS!

Don’t take just my words for it, read it in the Guardian Newspaper.

gentleman's view orwellThe American Imperial President attempted to bypass the US Congress and appropriate unlimited powers to his presidency, as he pressed them to pass the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement. Allowing the President to conclude this agreement, and then have Congress reject or approve it, but not change it, through a fast track program is a takeover of the democratic process.

NOW it is time for the US Citizen to press their elected officials to obey and uphold the laws of the land. After all, they get paid to be our public servants, not to be politicians who rob us of our hard earned money.

The good news is that the German Unions, who provide a large electorate for the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and whose leadership is in favor of the TTIP agreement, have strongly expressed their disapproval of this abominable treaty, much to the chagrin of the SPD leadership. The German unions can hold the elected politicians hostage, and have done so in the past with rail and pilot strikes.

The silent takeover of the democratic political process in Europe and the US is not over yet. We still have time, although short, to be vigilant! Keep a close eye on your members of Congress. Call them up, write your emails, tweet them. Keep their hands to the fire! PUSH them! Otherwise, they will surely do what they have been accustomed to doing, pleasing their corporate sponsors, but only if you let them.