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gentlemanThis post is for those Republican voters who think they will save the Nation by voting for Jeb Bush.

A few days ago, Republican Candidate for President Jeb Bush was in Berlin, Germany on his way to Poland and the Baltic countries. After his strong speech in favor of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement, he was greeted by Angela Merkel, Germany’s “Hillary”.

Jeb Bush was invited to speak at a business council meeting organized by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the German conservative party on June 10th, 2015. Jeb’s trip was organized by a family friend, top bankster gangster Robert Zoelich former World Bank Chief who is attending the Bilderberg Conference in Austria.

For those who do not understand how important the “German Connection” was and still is to the Bush family, we invite you to read  this article which explains at great length the shady sides of the Bush family. A quick internet search through your favored search engine will lead you to see some texts about Prescott Bush, Jeb’s grandfather and his Nazi ties. Go ahead vote Jeb and you will get more Bush wars and more of the same crap. Vote Hillary and you will get even more TTIP and more scandals.

Here is a youtube snippet of Jeb’s sly speech (before he announced his candidacy) from RT, Published on Jun 9, 2015 thanks to Ruptly.

Others in favor of the TTIP agreement, Republican candidates are the “sell out boys”: RUBIO, WALKER, CRUZ.

Alert and Aware should be your motto.