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gentlemanIt is not all “Greek” that you see even though the media are full of fables and scenarios. Should you be privileged enough to understand French, this 30 minute overview (below) given by an expert on Greece, a Belgian, Eric Toussaint will enlighten you more than the anti Greek biased news media will.

It is not just a question of who is at fault here, but who are the real plunderers of the world economies.

The Greeks are simply victims of their own inadequacies in reforming an outdated social system that is too expensive to maintain, having a weak democratic system, being the victim of the banks that saw opportunities to shift a private burden to an entire nation, and in the process enrich their shareholders, as well as, satisfying the political ambitions of the heads of the financial system who were busy establishing a new world order.

Much blame rests with European banks, especially, French, German, and Dutch banks and the ex Goldman Sachs minions, that infiltrated the various institutions in Europe and the USA. This cabal, led to a perverse client/provider Troika system (IMF, Worldbank, ECB), rotten to the core for which the Greek people are paying the bills, due now. Interesting is the use of the word Troika (Trojka) meaning triumvirate!

The speech given before the Greek parliament by those contracted to research the origins of this debt crisis exposes the loan scam, and the illegality of the measures forced by the troika on a Sovereign Nation.

La Commission pour la vérité sur la dette publique grecque présente ses premières conclusions. C’est dans ce cadre qu’Eric Toussaint, qui coordonne les travaux est intervenu aujourd’hui au Parlement hellénique. Le rapport conclut que la dette grecque est en grande partie illégale, illégitime et odieus.

Milder forms of the enslaving package by the Troika have been provided to Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Ask those citizens what they think?

Hard reality shows what happens when one buys fraudulent goods. No more Indian summers, no more Arab Springs, instead you got fraud, graft, deception, incompetence, ISIS and whatever else will come down the pike i.e. US military supplies being shipped to the Baltic states, just in case Vlad would like to soccer punch Barack. You all have a nice day now you hear.

Below are links to an overview of some German papers and the headlines.

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