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gentlemanP1040020Are you wondering, like me, what the real business of a Pope is? (book title shown below is The Daily Work of a Pope)

It seems to me that the currently elected Roman Catholic Pope Francis wants to chime in on every (hot) topic, from climate change to gay rights, Armenian genocide and now the Holocaust again. As the Executive Director of his Church, i.e. the direct descendant of Saint Peter, he seems to want to change the Church into a crowd of popular topic and social media lovers.

Are you wondering if he is silently laying the ground work for a larger footing of the so called social liberation religion, as opposed to asking more business leaders and Heads of State to provide for the security of persecuted minorities in the Arab world. The Pope does not seem very vocal defending the rights of immigrants crossing the sea or the rights to peace and prosperity in the Middle East for Christians. Instead he hobnobs with Castro and Obama. You wonder on whose payroll he really is?

Is it a wonder that Churches are more and more empty when their leadership pays heed to the directives of the New World Order as opposed to teaching prayer and the Ten Commandments?

This propaganda type book, the first in a very extensive series, was published in Switzerland in 1929, then a predominantly Protestant country. One must perhaps wonder why this series started with this particular book which uses photographs to explain to the masses what the daily business of a Pope is. Religion was already on the decline a decade after the First World War ended. Could it be that this was a first attempt to integrate new media into a diverse religious community?

The Holy Real Estate holdings are perfectly illustrated and explained in the book.

Fascinating are the enormous crowds seen at the time of religious celebrations.

“Religion is the sign of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”. quote by Karl Marx.

Opinion: Apparently this particular Pope loves the effects of social media and probably also knows the quote by Marx.

Obviously not knowing how to walk on water or rise above some really controversial issues, he willingly decides or is advised, not knowingly to give him the benefit of doubt, to follow the directives of the New World Order.

The ultimate goal of this New World Order is to separate men from their religion, so men can be subjugated to more social control. Under the communists in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church was infected with this disease, and now it appears that this Pope is willing to follow in similar footsteps by chiming in on every social issue creating more controversy and confusion.

Back to the books:

This particular series of  Swiss photo books consist of 38 volumes in the German language published between 1928 and 1932 of which six volumes were published under license in London by Routledge & Sons in English. The series takes a  large number of social topics and translates the importance of the topic into journalistic photographs for the first time on this scale in Switzerland.

A number of world famous photographers contributed to this series. The most sought after volume is by the Lithuanian Jewish French photographer Moi Ver (Moses Vorobeichic). It is number 27 in this series, published in 1931 and titled Ein Ghetto im Osten, subsequently published as The Ghetto Lane in Wilna. Several varieties exist of this title: An English/Hebrew one, a German/Hebrew one, as well as, a German/Yiddish one.

The entire fascinating series of books can be seen on the webpages of the largest Swiss private photo library here. Or you can take a virtual visit to this library by going to the link on the left side of the page on our blog.