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gentleman2015 the week of July 4th! The Changes are a’ coming! 

While Americans will be celebrating the July 4th Holiday, I propose to reflect on a few things. Disconcerting, are the various media reports of Americans not knowing what the 4th of July Celebration really means. So here is the story.

For real citizen news, you must get from different sources, and I would like YOU to listen to this short radio show (shown below) of about 5 minutes discussing the powerless United States Congress and their politics. Congress is a collection of elected men and women who have few clues what a post modern America is all about, except for those personal issues such as gay marriage. Even a diehard Democrat or Republican voter or those who are worn out, and who do not vote at all should sit up and listen to these 5 minutes. There is little rhetoric here, just facts in my opinion.

The Imperial Rulers of the acclaimed Western World voted in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement on June 24th, 2015. So do not complain you complacent bunch out there, you had your chance to influence your elected representatives but you failed!

You, your children, and your grandchildren will have to bear the stinking sauce that comes with this secret agreement.

How the West was lost reminds me of the book titled: No News from the Western Front and indeed there is very little news that really matters at this point, with fat Governors throwing their two pennies in the ring for the throne next year. He and Jeb, Bernie and Hillary will lead the pack to nowhere.

You, the little man, like me, has already been sold out, and your money was squandered in the real race for military prowess.

The New  European Economic War Continues:

Now that the Ukraine colonization has partly failed, European Union (EU) powers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have turned with greater attention to the Greek Crisis.

After all, it is easier to sell Dutch tomatoes cheaper to Greece than to produce quality tomatoes in Greece. So, under the auspices of the 48 year old Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch Finance Minister and Eurogroup Chair, The Fourth Reich is ready to strangle the Greek Citizens.

Through their courageous attitude the Greeks show other Europeans the real meaning of the Greek word δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) “rule of the people” from which “Democracy” comes.

The Euro Governments are scared to death for the political outcome of this exercise in Democracy. Leaders of the socialist labour parties, who are are no longer themselves acting in the interests of the common man, do everything to discredit the Greek socialist party in power.

Dijsselbloem will be the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) hench man who extracts the teeth of the old Proud Greeks. The Dutch Labour Party lost heavily in the last elections in the Netherlands, and he and their political leader Samson will be the patsies elected by the Euro bankers to express their political discontent.

Interesting, is the fact that these patsies like Juncker, Dijsselbloem, Merkel, Schauble fall over themselves intervening in the political affairs of one of the member states.

The Greek Prime Minister has told his people to vote a resounding NO. A no vote against enslavement and strangulation politics by those in the German led Fourth Reich, whose present demagogical conduct would honor those with equivalent powers in the Third Reich.

Their scapegoat will be Dijsselbloem. Dijsselbloem announced today that a no vote by the Greeks means that there is no longer a place for them in the Eurozone! How is that for meddling? The real reason could be the Greek proposal to sell part of their Piraeus container terminal to the Chinese. It would be a serious threat to the Dutch and German ports!

The Dutch, will hear a proposal in Government extending the National Security Agency (NSA) like powers of the Dutch Security Services. So long privacy and who cares? The Europeans took over the bad American habits of not giving a damn, in spite of the recent victory in a Dutch court over Facebook. It will have to give the name of the pundit who posted a private sex movie online without permission of the participant to the court.

Of social interest, is another Dutch proposal by the Board of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection (RSJ), a semi governmental advisory group, to a potential curatorship for the unborn by the government, as part of a new law designed to protect the unborn child from the pregnant mothers negative actions. The Government Health Services could take control of the woman against her will if she smokes or drinks extensively during pregnancy. This law would protect the unborn against the effect of Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Does anyone remember the ultra radical left United States professor and news commentator Melissa Harris Perry who stated that your kids do not belong to you! Other similar statements or ideas come from Hillary Clinton just read the book It takes a Village.


We are now learning how an idea proposed in one part of the world can become law elsewhere and vice-versa on this planet. Nothing happens in a vacuum, like the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) modelled after social European healthcare systems.

How does one create a perfect race? A race designed to accept the technocrats’ vision of a godless world where your Uber Leader will vote for you. Since the technocrats’ services and products can deduct what you think from what you read, view and the likes, once you get on Facebook your privacy is dead.

Austrians however can sleep quietly, the money draining Balkan business of HYPO Adria Bank will be sold to ADVENT, a US fund dumb enough to buy a failing bank in the Balkans. (OPM= Other People’s money, may be YOURS)


Anything is possible in a cashless society where only the computer geeks can tell you how much digital money is left in your Government Handout. You might have to queue the old fashioned way in front of an ATM or have special banking hours for the elderly like they have done this week in Greece.

What would this world be without Socrates, Aristotle or other similar philosophers? Probably the same, I hear you say, after all we have Google, Twitter and Facebook and countless other social sites. Some are free and some are not.

Thank God for the Greeks who invaded the Fourth Reich with their Trojan Horse Syrizia party, perhaps designed to show people that they do have a vote!

In the Greek background, the Colonels are waiting with their suits on, and in case you did not know the famous US Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s business manager, was a Dutchman. All kidding aside here is the one reason Obama exerts pressure on the Europeans to deal with the Greeks. It is called Souda Bay

The United States Naval Support Activity (NSA) Souda Bay is strategically located on the northwest coast of the rugged Greek island of Crete. NSA is poised to carry out its vital mission of extending Joint and Fleet War fighting capability through Operational Support to U.S., Allied and Coalition Forces deployed within the EUCOM/CENTCOM/ AFRICOM AOR at a moment’s notice. This installation extends the war fighting capability by providing, operating and sustaining superior facilities and services dedicated to combat readiness and security of ships, aircraft, detachments and personnel.

In defense of the Greeks here is another reason:

Italy takes in 60,000+ refugees overtaxing the services of a nation of 50 million plus in population. Greece takes in 40,000 + refugees in a nation of 10 million in population.

The EU should and could suspend the Greek debt for some time, extending generous funding to resolve the refugee crisis in both countries and stop the whining Mr. Juncker.

The alternative is, perhaps for the impoverished Greeks, to bring all of them to the other European countries which cannot agree on how many refugees they will house. So much for European solidarity! Not in my backyard, I hear some say.

So for now, no more Greek bashing by the banker pundits and the political crooks. I say let the People do their Business.

In Tunisia, vacation land, 38 people got killed by Islamist extremists (thank God we can still use the word, unlike the US where the Democrat fake media speech labels them a mere generic “terrorists”), and yet EU Governments are pledging support for tourism to continue, while in Greece no one got killed and Governments are warning their citizens about Greece with scary stories.

Ferry workers strike in Calais, France on the Calais/Dover service line, apparently it now has been suspended, still there is a 24 mile back up of trucks in the United Kingdom (UK).

This makes us current now on what is going on around us. Now it is time to head for the beach with umbrella under arm, and enjoy the 4th.

Happy Fourth!