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What item is in this black leather satchel you might ask? Well, we can focus on Greece and talk about the Delphi Oracle or we can write a post on typography. My pick is the magazine on Typography taken from the satchel above. (there is no democracy lip service here at twicemodern)

Monotype’s typographic trade magazine – The Monotype Recorder – features typographer Hans Schmoller (1916-1985) in this April 1987 issue shown above.

Who was Hans Schmoller? This is what another great typographer/type designer said about him: “Hans Schmoller was one of the last species of typographers with a profound background of the history of types and with an eye nobody could fool.” (Hermann Zapf)

If you ever had an older Penguin paperback in your hand, then you would most likely have had one designed by Schmoller who in 1949 replaced Jan Tschichold as the typographer for Monotype, and finally became head of Design and Typography at the famous British publishing firm.

P1040511For a complete biography on Schmoller, worth checking out, go to the best on line resource for all German designers at the germandesigners.net.