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P1040551In the early 1970’s the Schuler Publishing Company in Germany published Grobe Designer in der Werbegraphik a series of 8 volumes on the work of numerous important graphic designers active in the advertising field in Europe and the United States.

We have five of the eight uniformly designed hardbound volumes each with a dust jacket, shown here in our library as: funf USA I, sechs USA II, sieben USA III, eins Europa I and zwei Europa II. The text is in German, French and English and the volumes were printed to a very high standard in Japan. Each volume runs approximately 125 pages with a short biography, a large number of illustrations (many full page), in black/white or in color and an artists statement or short interview.

The back covers shown below feature photographs of the designers in that particular volume. We start with a photo of the back covers of volume USA I, USA II, USA III followed by the front cover of Europa I then its back cover followed by Europa II and end with its back cover.

P1040560P1040561P1040562P1040556P1040558P1040557P1040559With some exceptions, the photographers who contributed designer portraits are not credited in the captions throughout the volumes. In a future post we will cover in more depth the fascinating work inside these volumes.