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P1040457In the early 1960’s graphic design lay out and the organization of type underwent significant changes. The so called grid system was used primarily in Switzerland, but cannot be credited to any one particular designer. The above shown book, Grid Systems by author Kimberly Elam will take the newcomer, as well as, the more experienced graphic design student through the various concepts and how to apply them.

P1040459From our own library and archives, I can illustrate the magic grid in a simple way. The square format lends itself to an easy cover layout on this Swiss graphic design book, Moderne Werbe-und Gebrauchs-Grafik by author Hans Neuburg (1904-1983) who was one of the main proponents of the progressive Swiss design movement and a typographer as well. His posters are well known the world over.


P1040186AA really fine example from our archives is this 1961 receipt for payment received (with the tax stamp attached) by the Illy Cafe Company branch office located in the Netherlands from a local Dutch retailer for coffee received from them. Note the interesting logo design below.

P1040422The simple and effective grid would look like this:

P1040422 AThe mere mention of Illy Cafe will surely send me out for a fine espresso!