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The opening scenes are the proverbial dog days of August and the American Pasha is at it again! It will be fascinating to see how Pasha Barack will imbibe the American media and the public after failing his latest political sobriety test.

The decision, to allow the United States Military to support an 100 kilometer safety zone in Northern Syria instituted by Turkey and with US supplied air support assisting US trained insurgents against their real or imagined enemies, is bringing the world closer to World War III.

Next scene: John McCain humming in concert with McConnell. Diddleydoo, diddleydah, heeyah heeyah (hoorah hoorah).

The Mullahs in the Democratic Party and in the Republican led Congress will be eager to support the female eunuchs surrounding their Pasha in his efforts to create more chaos in the Middle East after he deviously sold out Israel to Iran. (Remember Mike Huckabee’s not so over the top comments?).

The Democratic Party Mullahs teaching in the Education Industrial Complex must be licking their ignorant chops opening their minds up with the revisionist idea of creating a future Ottoman Empire. More European border chaos will be the next result. This will be akin to the US-Mexican border which leaks like a sieve. Don’t worry we will be “building a wall”! Just what the Hungarians are doing to keep the hoards of poor invaders out.

This time Pasha Barack  (“my friend Erdogan” referring to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) is selling out another one of the old order American Allies: The Kurds.

Pasha Barack is selling them out to the megalomaniac Turk President Erdogan whose Party just lost the Parliamentary majority in an election to the Kurdish minority in Turkey. Under the guise of bombing IS the Turks are bombing Kurds. Nothing to see here folks move along.

Next scene: Congressional comments: Boy they are good at it, remember they annihilated the Armenians a Century ago. Keep our constituents working, send those Turks more bombs.

Boy Wonder, your own American Pasha, has a good track record in selling out minorities in the world: Christians in Syria, Jews in the Middle East, Yezidi in Irak, Kurds all over the Middle East. You wonder if he ever had a history lesson in his life? Chaos in Tunesia, Libya, Irak, Afghanistan on his watch and let’s not forget the Ukraine which very recently was loaned some more money by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The US Military Industrial Complex, whose elected point man this Pasha is, is laughing all the way to the US taxpayer bailed out banks! (I can see Mr.Blankfeindoing God’s work, not).

If Pasha Obama thinks Putin will sit idly by when “misplaced” US bombs fall on Assad’s Palace, I think you are wrong Bud. Perhaps Barack was just looking for geopolitical advice from Erdogan on how to build his own 1000 room palace. I’ll bet you anything that Republican contractors would be lining up to fill their pockets after the Eunuchs decide how much graft, I meant redistributed and not newly created wealth, would go to the “reformed” Planned Parenthood You Pukes Fund after they got rid of the body parts in the fridge.

Next scene: Unfortunately the European Fourth Reich squeezed the Greeks and will give them a new haircut. Greece has to reduce their military spending, potentially leaving Europe’s borders to the German Motherland wide open to Greece after Turkey falls to the Islamic State (which Erdogan’s party supports in secret) in a long protracted forthcoming Turkish/Kurdish civil war. Both countries are NATO Partners and the way Turks usually deal with political unrest is to create chaos outside their borders for nationalistic consumption within their borders. This move can backfire bigtime for Erdogan. Fairly soon there might be Patriot missiles with Dutch (who else suckers) and German soldiers on the border with Syria.

This ring of political instability around Europe was created by the failed meddling of American foreign policy, and the naive lack of sound European leadership. This issue is at the top of the list of causes plaguing the Old World.

Below is a recent article in the British newspaper, The Times.

P1040812Have no fear as the famous saying goes: A New Order is here.

This New Order is being implemented through the use of stakeholder consensus councils in all fields of human endeavors, economic and cultural. These technocrat councils fit almost perfectly the definition of a State Soviet under communism: A system of councils that report to an apex council and that implement a predetermined outcome affecting a region, state or a neighborhood.

The members of such a Soviet type council are chosen by virtue of their willingness to comply with that predetermined outcome and their one-mindedness with the group.

State Soviets (which can for example operate disguised as publicly owned Union investment pension funds supporting their political candidate are the operating mechanism of a government-controlled economy (IMF, World BANK, ECB , FED). It is no longer important which ideology these Soviets are using be that socialism-communism-fascism-extreme islamism or in the Western World a mix of government-business (public-private) partnerships.

Initially, these Soviets by any name seem innocuous until the full police state emerges through the militarization of local law enforcement and state organisms that do not respond to real public scrutiny.

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” James Madison

That was the Old World belief. Today the New World Order is prepared to take more risks.

The coterie of Joe Biden’s politically blind followers in the Ivory Tower Education Industrial Complex can view  a free one hour history lesson on YouTube about the history of Russia and the Ukraine given by a distinguished UK Professor, Geoffrey Hosking OBE shown below.

The United Nations Agenda 21 program and directives seek to regionalize America and other nations for the benefit of a tiny international elite. Regionalism works to blur political boundaries, take decision-making authority away from local peoples, and allow elected representatives to dodge accountability. The blurring of political and physical boundaries, along with privatization of public assets, allows state collectivists to siphon the wealth of the people. The ultimate goal of state collectivists is to abolish private property (Your house is too big for 2) or redistribute it. Redistribute wealth advocate Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Third Way, increase government control over people (through camera’s and the NSA f.e.), and to forcefully replace individualism with collectivism (a.k.a. The Greater Good) using minority led issues approved through the court system such as LBGT Rights, Social Justice, Climate Change, Reparations for Slavery etc.

Agenda 21 is also designed to implement the United Nations Charter and establish global governance under the United Nations (The Pasha’s next Job, God forbid).

James Madison, the Fourth US President, known as the Father of the Constitution said:

Clipboard01One day, perhaps not in my lifetime the ants will figure out who distributed the free gifts at their expense and who redistributed the Middle Class wealth to the lobbyists, criminal political banksters and the OPM do-gooders.

That day will come, just like the moon and the sun. Amen