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P1050013 P1050014 P1050015 P1050016 P1050017 P1050018 P1050019 P1050020The book Uncloaking the CIA edited by Howard Frazier was published in 1978. Fast forward to 1999, shown below is the book jacket of another fascinating read, Who Paid the Piper? by Frances Stonor Saunders published by Granta Books – ISBN 1 86207 029 6 .

P1050041The author Frances Stonor Saunders uses an interesting quote from Dante’s Inferno, Canto XV, as follows:

‘What fate or fortune led Thee down into this place, ere thy last day?

Who is it that thy steps hath piloted?’

‘Above there in the clear world on my way,’ I answered him, ‘lost in a vale of gloom, Before my age was full, I went astray.’

Clipboard01“He (or she) who leads the blind (Plebeians) must have at least one eye”– 16th Century Palace wisdom