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yes, oysters on the half shell.


First Edition 1964, Pantheon Publishers

It has been quite some time that we posted anything about food. I particularly like this scholarly book The Oysters of Locmariaquer by Eleanor Clark on these famous oysters from France. This book is worthy of a place on the shelf of cookbooks, and more than that, it is very much a tribute to the place in – and the people of Brittany, France.


A bit of geography is in order here and the illustrations are of course from the book. The illustrator of the book cover as well as of the few illustrations in it is Leonid Berman (1896-1976) brother of the painter Eugene Berman who is perhaps better known, and of whom we have an interesting record cover in our collection painted by him.

A little about the research approach by the author of the book can be glanced from the pages shown below.

When a book starts out with the phrase, “Canst tell how an oyster makes his shell? – N0. – Nor I neither” from King Lear (Shakespeare), you almost know right away that you will be in for a a real treat.

And, if you want to brush up on the ” The Art of Eating an Oyster”, then check out this wonderful food blog by Jon Rowley here.