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gentlemanFrom an article which appeared on a Belgian news site on September 16th, 2015, Five European politicians published on September 13 their Plan B for Europe. The text of this Plan B is primarily a manifesto, and a call for the formation of a pan-European movement. In early November 2015, this new movement will organize a first summit. These politicians are:

Yanis Varoufakis, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Stefano Fassina, Zoé Konstantopoulou and Oskar Lafontaine.

On the thirteenth of July, the democratically elected Greek Government of Alexis Tsipras was forced to it’s knees by the European Union. The “agreement” of the thirteenth of July was in fact a coup. This coup was carried out through the closure of Greek banks by the European Central Bank (ECB). The big threat was not to reopen the Greek banks as long as the Greek Government did not carry out the “EU will” through a program that will be proven to lead to bankruptcy before long.

Why did that happen? Was it because Europe could not bear the idea that a population that was suffering from failed austerity policies dared to elect a government that said ‘no?

The new Memorandum brings even more austeriteit, further sell-off of public property and even irrational economic policies. In terms of social policy, it borders on complete misanthropy. The Greek recession will only deepen this Memorandum, and Greece’s wealth is empty, bought by Greek and foreign investors.

Financial coup d’état

We must learn from this financial coup. The euro has become a means for the economic and political domination by a European oligarchy that hides behind the German government. Those oligarchs are only too glad for Merkel’s dirty work to be done where other governments are not so capable. This Europe only generates violence within different European nations and between nations themselves.

There is mass unemployment, there is social dumping taking place, and there are constant insults from Germany to the periphery of Europe. Those insults are eagerly taken up by several national elites, including those from peripheral countries themselves. The European Union has become a vehicle for an extreme-right discourse and contributes to the reduction of democratic control over production and distribution in Europe.

It is dangerous to assume that the EU and the euro, guards the European population against the crisis. It is an illusion to think that the interests of Europe can be protected inside the steel cage of the policies of the Eurozone and within the existing treaties. French President Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Renzi try to behave as model pupils within this framework.

Model Prisoners

It is more correct to call them model prisoners. This is a form of surrender that will by no means bring them leniency. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, after all said clearly: “There is no democratic choice as an alternative to European treaties that can be made.”

This equates to the neo-liberal application of the principle of “limited sovereignty”, a principle that was invented by Soviet leader Brezhnev in 1968. Shortly thereafter the Soviets crushed the 1968 Prague Spring with their tanks. Last summer, the EU crushed the Athenian Spring with its banks and policies.

We are determined to break with this Europe. A break with this Europe is the basic requirement to reshape cooperation between the different peoples and countries. In this Europe, it is impossible to pursue a policy in which wealth is redistributed, where decent jobs are created, in which work is made of ecological transition and the reconstruction of democracy.

(commentary by Twicemodern: The word shown above – redistributed – must sound familiar to anyone with so called progressive democratic left ideas in the USA.)

We need to destroy the inhumanity and the insanity of the current European treaties by pouring them into a new form so that the shackles of neo liberalism can be broken.

We live in extraordinary times. We are dealing with an emergency. Member States need policy space so that their Democracies can flourish. It should be possible to implement domestic policies without fear of being beaten down by an authoritarian euro group, dominated by the most powerful countries and the business world. Or without fear of the ECB (European Central Bank) when it threatens to impose severe sanctions on a country opposed to their severe measures, as happened with Greece and Cyprus.

Plan A

This is our plan A: Each of us in his or her own country and across Europe together, strive for a complete renegotiation of the European treaties. We want to commit ourselves together with other Europeans in a battle of civil disobedience against arbitrary European practices and irrational rules imposed by Europe.

Our first task is to call the Euro group to account. The second task is to end the myth that states that the ECB  is an “apolitical” and “independent” institution, when in reality it is a very toxic political institution and is fully dependent of bankrupt bankers and political representatives of those bankers and ever prepared to stop the democratic game with one snap of a finger to a halt.

The majority of European governments are representing the European oligarchy and hide behind Frankfurt and Berlin, however, they also have a plan A. They want to make sure that the European peoples do not question their policies and in doing so they will not meet any effective opposition that would want more democracy and the oligarchs are prepared to brutally quell such opposition.

That’s what happened in July 2015 in Greece. Why did they manage to make the Greek Government powerless?  Europe also had a plan B, namely to expel Greece from the Eurozone in the most roughshod manner. By destroying the banking system and to stifle the economy.

Plan B

Faced with this kind of blackmail, we also need a plan B to fight the plan B of Europe’s most reactionary and anti-democratic forces. We need a plan B against a policy that the fate of the majority is sacrificed in favor of that of a small minority. (commentary Twicemodern: This language should sound familiar to some Americans)

We also have a plan B to reaffirm that Europe must be for the Europeans. We must emphasize that a currency must achieve common prosperity, and is not a tool or means to stifle democracy.

If the euro can not be democratized if they continue to use the euro to strangle us, then we shall rise up, look Europe in the eye and say: Bring it all on. The threats do not frighten us anymore. We will find a way to ensure that Europeans have a monetary system that works for their benefit and not at their expense.

Our Plan A for a democratic Europe, backed by a Plan B which will make clear to that elite minority that they can not terrorize us permanently, is inclusive and aims to rally the majority of Europeans citizens behind it.

International top

This will require a lot of preparation. Debate is needed to clarify the technical side of things. Many ideas already on the table: the introduction of a parallel payment system, parallel currencies, digitization of euro transactions, local exchange systems, an exit from the euro or a transformation of the euro into a real single currency.

No European nation can achieve its liberation on their own. Our vision is internationalist. In anticipation of what might happen in Spain, Ireland, France – and depending on how the evolving business, possibly even back in Greece – we must work towards a Plan B. Here we should take into account the specific characters of the several European countries.

(Twicemodern commentary: “Internationalist” sounds familiar like communist in the old days)

We propose to organize an international summit on the Plan B for Europe. A top that is open to enthusiastic citizens, organizations and intellectuals. This top can already take place in November 2015. We have already started preparing for the Fête de l’Humanité 11-13 September Paris. Join!


Yanis Varoufakis is former Greek Minister of Finance and member of the Greek Parliament
Stefano Fassina is a member of the Italian Parliament and former Minister of Economy and Finance
Zoë Konstantopoulou is President of the Greek Parliament
Oskar Lafontaine is former German finance minister and founder of Die Linke (Left Party)
Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a member of the European Parliament and co-founder of the French Parti de Gauche (Left wing)

 Translated by Thomas Decreus in Dutch for the Belgian News paper De Wereld Morgen with the original link here, text translated and improved by Twicemodern.

Our Twicemodern opinion and further political analysis:

To most political leaders 20 or 40 years ago this would have been called a pre-revolutionary plan with Communist overtones, in the language used.

In Europe there are widespread protest actions of, for example, the Police Unions in the Netherlands, and protest actions by French and European farmers in France and Brussels, demonstrating for better conditions.

The Neo Nazi type Hungarian government measures that are designed to not deal with refugees makes for a very explosive mix of rhetoric and riots. Once that genie is out of the bottle there is no way to return it. The new European, ex communist states, like Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states are generally more racist in their policies than the old European nations. These nations have not learned their lessons well and you wonder how they feel if there would be a new wall erected excluding them again. These old commies are light years behind and do not belong in Europe perhaps. They have no reason to complain. Hungarians should be ashamed for their governments (in)-actions. Hungarian refugees were welcomed with open arms in 1956! Shame on the Jobbik neo nazi party and their cronies.

European leaders can still pooh pooh this growing movement of discontents, but they themselves might feel the hard handed approach of their own people, sickened by the draconian measures to take down the Social System.

Were it not for their obvious left wing policies the signers of this plan would be considered Tea Party members perhaps in the USA.

The mental transvestite led USA’S GOP does not have a plan A or B. The greed drips off their ugly faces. What a travesty!

The Republican led Congress ignores the clear will of the people that put them there. The political reckoning is coming with Donald! The old corrupt Democratic Party leadership run today by the lone gunslinger Wasser woman Schultz, has effectively destroyed the vestiges of the old party and will take down the minority fed progressive splinter groups within it, by her stupidity. Vermont’s Bernie S. is nothing but an old boy wonder turned commie in his youth. The other Democratic candidate who barely raised a million bucks is nothing but an idiot leading the University pack of Jock sniffers.

The smart ones, the old ladies Pelosi and Feinstein (Banker stooges) are waiting in the wings to rake in the “sell off ” prize. The “Miss Cunning” Senator Warren (D-Ma) will attempt to leap at any political lap! Republican female Candidate Carly, what is her name, is nothing but a progressive political hack hiding in a skirt, doing the dirty bankers’ business laying off thousands of workers in her well paying previous jobs in management. No matter how many crocodile tears she may shed about her family loss, we all have losses!

Uncle Barack, The American Lenin, will foist more unrest, destruction and his pushers, the insane banker and professors will dream up more nightmares for the American people, and God forbid for the rest of the world in the UN with the help of the Stalin Pope! Jewish Rabbis are banning themselves to the desert since they cannot make up their minds about the Iran deal. Americans are occupied with sports and insane social media while the rest of the world is falling into the cracks of a slow abyss. INCOMPETENCE AND GREED ARE TOUTED AS EXEMPLARY.

The military establishment now effectively de-balled and unwilling to win any war no matter what the loud mouth Generals and ex spy masters with their pants down will tell you, are frothing at the mouth to take on the Russians in Syria. Unfortunately, military planners construct notoriously faulty plans. I predicted this a long time ago, as well as the fact that many people in the USA would support a military coup.

If you stupids do support that crazy idea, ask gun owning citizens to lay down their arms first and see how quick Your MILITARY will turn into YOUR OPPRESSOR, ask any current Iraq and Afghan vet what your streets will look like!

Putin is sick of it all and on the move and Winnie the Pooh Barack will get a K.O. politically. The USA will suffer the consequences of his insane policies for decades to come and the Chinese are thanking the American People profusely for their contributions to the Chinese wealth. In the mean time, the American hard working taxpayers will take it up the a** led by the Ivory tower media scoundrels willing to smell the shit and your tenured professor who does not know the difference between “shit and shineola” will turn it ON PAPER into the most fabulous plan.

What else is new? Have a nice day, be polite driving, be positive and say a prayer. You are watching the rigor mortis of political systems worldwide.