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front cover folio size

front cover folio size

Finding this unusual program of the 1988 European tour gave me the impetus to share it with you. Nobody better than Leonard Cohen knows how to weave his easy to understand words into deep meaning songs, never mind this great voice coming from a place between the lungs and the throat. Marvelously direct and yet very profound.

the program spread

the program spread

rear cover

rear cover

Like few other entertainers Leonard Cohen takes us in his songs through the entire scale of human emotions, from passion to love and from introspective thoughts to the reality of our world, and yet there always is an unexpected turn somehow.

Let us have a look at the poetic text of one of his songs below.

the watercolor illustration is by Leonard C.

the watercolor illustration is by Leonard C

Of course not all, but almost all, in this world is somehow connected to love;

no cure for love- Just in case you missed the meaning of the cut off image! Of a slightly different nature are the words below.

When the belly is full and the mind is doing all the talking- watch out for Leonard he’ll tell you more than you might want to know.


Most of us know some of his songs, but fewer of us have read his two novels; The Favorite Game (1963) and Beautiful Losers (1966) and his songs have been recorded by a variety of artists from Joan Baez to Joe Cocker and Judy Collins.

The rest is history.