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An earlier prediction of a near civil war in Turkey seems to be coming true to some extent, a terrorist attack left 102 people dead. The Ankara head of police and some higher ups in the Turkish State Security Services seem to have been fired as a consequence. Ethnic Kurds were among the many victims. This attack has polarized the Turkish people even more.

In the mean time, Islamic terrorism creeps up from Turkey/Syria to the Turkey/Greek European border.

Who stands to gain from this type of vile action? Could it be the current in power Government led by Erdogan and his shady security services allied with the Grey Wolves? Erdogan’s political future is not at all certain and his AKP Party are in political trouble. Next month, Turkey will go to the voting polls and the current repression of the Kurdish minority will have to be taken into account.

Could it be other powers? Possibly Assad’s Syrian government? It has long standing disputes with Turkey. Or, one of the Kurdish splinter parties could be blamed as well. A false flag operation is not beyond anybody’s possibilities. The least likely is Islamic State (IS) they have little to gain in causing upheaval in Turkey. Unofficially Turkey lets IS potential fighters from Europe pass into Syria and facilitates IS smuggling and buys IS oil.

There are two superpowers that have something to gain from a not so stable Turkey having one of the largest NATO armies. Russia stands to gain if Turkey runs no new pipelines for oil and gas and the US stands to gain (TRUE or FALSE???) from a not so stable partner in the region so it can continue the war against IS and help Iran become a regional superpower. Dirty tricks are nothing new in this region nor something out of the ordinary for any superpower.

A recent 120 ton US arms shipment destined to support the anti IS coalition (The US supported proxy army) might have been in part diverted to Kurdish Syrian rebels fighting against Assad and against IS, and Turkey is not too pleased about this.

Turkey has convocated the US Ambassador in this case, as well as convocated the Russian Ambassador in order to protest against intrusions of the Turkish airspace by Russian aircraft bombing IS in Syria. In the meantime, the Euro powers have submitted to Erdogan’s blackmail by promising massive aid to keep refugees inside the Middle East Region including Turkey, and in order to pacify their home base in Europe, improve with money the conditions of those living in Refugee camps in that region.

Anti refugee sentiment is growing stronger in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, especially after incompetent authorities under the motto of not having anyone sleep in the streets dumping 1400 refugees in a very small town called Oranje (Orange) in the Netherlands with a population of 140 people, breaking their earlier agreements with the town’s people of having only 700 refugees living there in a holiday home park.

The United States: A nothing (nix) debate on the Democratic side between Auntie has been Hillary and red diaper Commie Uncle Bernie who hides his left leanings as a Puke up-Democratic Socialist, which goes over big in the Red Socialist leaning New England States. The usual Ivory Tower Socialist Economic professors in Boston are frothing at the mouth to get another chance to burn off wealth from the American Middle Class like they have done in the last 20 years or so, after all, the Predator in the White House and his cronies in the corrupt political class in both parties, need new ideas and some more riots to divert the attention of the real problems soon.

Anti-Semites will be frothing at the mouth for a different reason when they learn that Facebook’s new satellite will be built by Israel Aerospace Industries! This African orbit Satellite will be put at the the disposal of the African poorest ( REAL story here).

Netherlands: The “official” report on the downing of the MH 17 flight over the Ukraine has been released, and it was a Buk missile launched from rebel territory. Premier Rutte still does not call it an act of Terror and goes about his usual wordplay invoking the help of the Russians (sic). Incompetent Dutch authorities must carry some blame as well for poorly dealing with the crisis, the usual crocodile tears prevail.

In the mean time it is business as usual for countries in Europe offloading their Russian ordered goods.

France: Something real fishy about the emails from an unknown “handler” to the terrorist Amédy Coulibaly who attacked the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve does not seem hot to trot to release any further info in this case, it seems that the motivation not to release the dossier apparently is because there is a link that has to do with a relation between a female with ties to Charlie Hebdo and him, this strange story tied to Charlie Hebdo keeps surfacing, in the world of secrets.

Anti TTIP demonstrations were held in European capitals last weekend. There were 150,000 demonstrators in Berlin Germany, 7,500 in Amsterdam and so on. Lollipop sucking US citizens still are behind in understanding why and the major US news services would rather suck their thumbs than explain what it is all about. Read this and you will be ahead in your neighborhood discussions about ISDS (Investment State Dispute Settlement) which will do away with the sovereignty of the local courts.

If you live in Romania watch the Dutch video about the TTIP disastrous effects coming near you, the Dutch RTL4 television and journalist Hella Hueck did an admirable job explaining how Romania could get shafted. The rest of the world could also learn something about the effects of ISDS under TTIP by watching this excellent part Dutch/part English video clip at the bottom of this page. Be patient let the 9 minute clip load and watch the story about the Canadian company Gabriel Resources and the gold mine in Romania unfold. Truly unbelievable!

Tongue in cheek: For better, best news use the hotline to the US Congress or to the Vatican and his Holiness, or in case that fails smile to your bank branch manager when you make a withdrawal. Now you have a good day…