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Looking for a surrealist view in this city?


The green house shown in the background above is owned by the 92 year old gentleman in the picture below. The whole place is but a stone’s throw away from the center city’s Dam Square.


The 92 year old gentleman in his raincoat is pointing to his house and explaining to the construction worker where he lived for 50 years. He was amazed to see the back end of his house for the very first time from this position. I had the good fortune of having this gentleman share some of his observations and stories with me after I took the pictures. The yellow painted building, shown in several photos, was occupied by squatters for  many years.

P1050265 P1050266 P1050269In Amsterdam, as well as in many other hot European cities, the modus operandus now seems to be to change the social composition and with it the old affordable housing and their tenants. Tremendous speculation in various economic markets, the influx of large drug capital and legal low tax evasive technicalities have lead to increasing housing values and housing costs and the result was a gentrification of the city at the same time. On the same street the police forcefully evicted 40 squatters protesting high rents from another building on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

P1050270Who knows how many generations lived here? Naked architecture showing its wounds!

Opposite the yellow building is another building once occupied by squatters including many artists, the evidence is visible below. In a few years these colorful buildings will be a thing of the past.