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This post was inspired when I listened to a marvelous rendition by Marc Berthoumieux of the song “A Thousand Years”  written by the music group STING.

Oh my friend what a beautiful world it is when you experience true magic!

Do you care to share or are you leaving all of us with nothing but memory of years gone by? Some say it will never end but then love has always an end and thus do you care to share the story so all of us can remind ourselves of what we sometimes really miss? Do you dare?

Are you leaving after the curtain falls on love like a dark night’s veil? Oh yes, you must know that surely you will be noticed in the lamp light that leaves your true expression in the shade so your misty eyes won’t be noticed, right, o yes so right.

Do you really think you lived it all, with all there was to live and give, at times soaring like a bird on love’s great wings high above, before that very love perched on the shoulder of an innocent one who could only dream of holding you in his arms.

Have you noticed my friend, is that not why we dream perhaps so as to come so close to reality that it becomes true, right, right it might be so, and this way we will never be disappointed for just a single night or an entire life if we choose so or for a thousand years if we could live that long.

You know, loving life and one another without ever saying those words, as if they could disappear when we do. Have you ever thought my friend sitting on that perch that there could be real magic in the air, that we are at the beginning of another thousand years if we lived that long, where we care that no one goes hungry, except for love perhaps, but only if we truly share its meaning.

And really all it takes is that we believe, just like I believed in you and me and you in me, in one another and in always waking up next to you watching night disappear and new sunlight taking its rightful place.

Looking up outside my window or sometimes on a walk, I see a bird fly, taking to the high winds of forever of who knows where and so it was before me and you, for perhaps a thousand years or as long as anyone cares to remember.

Do you know my friend,

It is the reason poets are still there after a thousand years, in the right place at times and protected by the Gods, saved by human understanding in spite of this very world. Sometimes they are left unscathed by love itself to roam around the Universe in order to whisper love’s magic words. (Don’t you ever believe just that, they cry as much or more)

Thank you for all that you taught me, my love, you know there is no need to cry for either one of us or both of us.

Right? may be, so it is, now close your eyes and listen to the music.