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There never is just one single reason when you fall in love nor is there a very special moment that is required.There can be none at all, or a thousand different ones. No need to know. It is and that is all there is.  Love at the very first sight, did you ever wonder why?.

But when autumn comes with its fading light and at the slightest breeze leaves fall, I will be thinking of you and this very season, I know, I feel, that I am still a part of you.

We did not need each other then and the love we knew  once was much more than our true own gift, I have wondered why but that is truly all I care to know.

You were the queen of my infinite celestial kingdom and when I looked up at the sky, you would become a guiding light and so love it was and when it came, I knew it was at that very first sight, that very same fall.

…and just in case you like to hear a lovely voice you can listen here to Norah Jones performing the song live in Amsterdam