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Opinion: The Asymmetrical War – Thoughts and prayers for the victims of Islamic Extremism. 

Let us start this post with something simple. The killers in Paris were Muslim, albeit perhaps in name only, and Muslims in the entire Middle East are the first victims of this murderous band of thugs by the name of IS. I will not give them the pleasure of using the Arab synonym for IS which is DAESH.

For the politically correct (pc = People Control) crowd, do not bother to read the rest of this post. I can assure you that you will not like it. If you are a University progressive hack with no common sense or enough evil in your soul to condone the actions of IS with false facts, then go pound sand and go f**k yourself too! If you are sleeping or on pills, then you are too busy to notice THE WESTERN WORLD IS AT WAR. WAR MUST BE FOUGHT TO WIN, if not you and your children will loose your way of life, your country, your language and your life.

In the political corrupt and morally bankrupt European Union (EU), leadership has sold their citizens out in PARIS, BRUSSELS, BERLIN, AMSTERDAM and so on, by not listening to their constituents and instead behaving like a greedy elite.

If you think these attacks will not happen again, then you Europeans are sadly mistaken. Next will be probably Belgium – Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.

The Muslim enclaves in some of these countries, where the police will not go, must be cleaned out of the vermin with the most lethal force by the authorities. Have you noticed the strange name of the group which played at the BATAPLAN Theatre?  Their name is “EAGLES OF DEATH METAL”, you can hear the shots being fired in the video below! There was death metal waiting for the visitors alright! Yes, deadly metal came at the vistors!

Here is another strange coincidence which is why the Bataplan was targeted.

I am taking the risk of being called a conspiracy dude by some, but listen to the video below at the around the 20 minute entry and you will hear some very strange statements by French officials.

What is the reason for the November 13 date? It is exactly 2 months after the end of the Shemitah, the 7 year cycle. Have you noticed the terror attacks in the last 2 months? The Russian plane downing, bombings in Beirut etc. These facts are aligned with the Syrian war and the influx of refugees, in which the USA and Russia are fighting for hegemony over the “Huns” or hordes of thugs. Under President Bill Clinton we ended up with Sbrenica in Bosnia and years later under Hillary Clinton with the Libya disaster! Watch out for the War Presidency!!

The European Union Leaders, incapable as they are, want you, the World Citizen, to take your eye of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) ball. The New World Religion will take more shape during the Climate Conference which of all places is to be held in Paris at the end of November!

The Pot and drug haven, The Netherlands, the liberal country run by the inventors of the BILDERBERG Conference will not escape the terror dance. They have “stimulated” failed Islamic integration, in the eyes of their political leaders all religions are equal so any Jihadist preacher can come and speak their mind. Here is one nation utterly unprepared.

It is also the leading tax haven in the world where every major USA corporation is headquartered and where post office boxes can handle the taxes for thousands of companies from a mailbox office with an accountant, not excluding THE USA investment funds. The country was a leading economic collaborating nation with Nazi Germany and the Free Trading Spirit of the Dutch, brought us slave trade in the 17th Century and the handing over of their Jewish Citizens during WWII to Nazi Germany for transport to the death camps. This nation will be always at the service of Super Capitalism and the new age religions like Scientology and Gaia, which is part of the UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21, are well established here.

These fine Dutch are always at the forefront of anything new like trading Carbon Credits, alternative energy and so on as long as it makes money. They are in executive positions in the World Bank and other financial institutions.

Frank Heemskerk serves as an Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank Group, and represents the constituency of Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine.
He is the Chairman of the Audit Committee, and a member of the World Bank Pension Finance Committee. From 2013-2014, Mr. Heemskerk served a member of the Budget Committee, and also as a member of the Human Resources Committee. Coincidence that some of these countries have major economic troubles or are unstable politically like the Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova etc.

This gentleman very recently did an extensive TV interview on Dutch TV where one could believe that he was the leading climate advocate selling UNITED NATIONS solutions instead of being just an ignorant banker. Probably, the timing was to coincide with the Paris conference later this month. Another banker, Mrs. Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made a strange speech that you can hear in one of the above videos.

So much for the ranting and raving, are you not puking yet?

Next Belgium, did you know that the M-16 rifle used by the US Military is manufactured in the USA by the Belgian FN Company ? How about the Browning and Wincester fire arms? You guessed right! What else happens in Belgium??? Brussels and Amsterdam are the Jihad headquarters in Europe and provide the most safe houses, it was that way 40 years ago and still is. The most important internet hub in Europe and the underwater cable link with the USA is in the Netherlands!! Every spy craft and every trade can be exercised here. Euthanasia no problem, drugs no problem, Jihad no problem etc, etc.

Don’t you love those windmills, wooden shoes and the Old Amsterdam cheese? So who cares?

Sure, I know you folks do not care about history and research. So there is nothing strange to see here folks? Just move along and watch those Hunger Games. I would like to remember the many victims in Paris with this very, very Parisian song by Juliette Greco, expressing the eternal optimism of all things “Paris”.