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Well just as I stated on many occasions: The Fascist Neo Colonizer US of A has taken us to the upcoming WWIII.

Just as the two remaining socialist loser Presidents Hollande and Barry O are meeting, the fascist Ottoman Pasha Erdogan takes the Western world into a potential WWIII.

Do you really think that the Turkish military dares to down Russian jets if there was no previous agreement from NATO and Barry O in the White House? Do you really think the 3 billion dollars promised to Turkey by the EU for assisting refugees will go there or will it go as covert aid to the Turkish military?

Do you really think it is a coincidence that the Dutch political establishment has no objection if Dutch F16 planes which only bomb in Iraq will by request of the American Government help bomb Assad’s troops or IS, a request made in the days before the downing of the Russian warplane?

Do you really believe that Barry O and his neo fascist US Regime want a coalition with the Russians in Syria? The ignorant little Napoleon from France, President Hollande is trying to sell the Europeans on a coalition crusade against IS in Syria. This is called smoke and mirrors.

Do you really think the bombing of the power lines in the Crimea Region,  2 or 3 days ago by Ukrainian Nationalists was a coincidence?

The NATO puppet Stoltenberg is looking for a diplomatic solution? What Bull Sh*t! Turkey has been killing Kurdish fighters in Syria and for years the Turks have bought IS oil from Syria. TURKEY is the transit point for IS fighters to Europe. Turkish citizens in Europe will no doubt side with the Turkish Pasha Erdogan. All that the Germans and the Dutch need are rioting Turkish immigrants on their streets!

I will guarantee you one thing: The Turks and the Baltic countries including Poland will have a cold winter with less Russian gas, and they deserve it.

Why is the US Administration under Obama provoking the Russian bear? Could it be that this is the grand plan to draw Russia and Iran into battle against Israel which thinks the USA will protect them, but the treacherous occupant of the White House who kissed the hand of the Saudi King (if you remember) will betray Israel.

The US Administration has started a two prong attack on Europe by provoking a refugee crisis by years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and by allowing Turkey to secretly support IS and provoke the Russian bear. You can thank Barry O in the White House, but the devious plan will not succeed soon, people are waking up sooner than you might think.