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No it is not Greek to me but Japanese!


Does this man look familiar?

The author of this 2008 Japanese book about the man who currently resides in the Wisecrack House (pun intentional) is Dr.Kazuyuki Hamada. What does Hamada know that we do not?

I found a copy of this Japanese book, and since I can’t read it, maybe some of my readers can!

New cold war anyone? How about Syria? Perhaps Donald Trump is right even though he gets misquoted in the European media on purpose. The US Government and its Commander in Mischief does not have a clue. So now you know except the Japanese probably knew it first. Oh, in case you did not know, there are no IS members in Japan and you wonder why, don’t you? Could it have something to do with tough immigration policies?

Trust me. Barry O. is not the only one you cannot trust, you cannot trust your Republican or Democrat Party Progressive Caucuses either. Have you checked how many weapons we used to bomb the Islamic State this year? The Islamic State has no natural born enemies and a few wolves-in-sheep’s clothing friends between the Wise House and some members of the US Government sitting on the US taxpayers payroll who are aiding and abetting the Turkish Government which is helping ISIS to eliminate Bashar Assad from Syrian politics.

Why has the USA not bombed the ISIS oil trucks before? Why has the USA allowed US weapons to be transferred to ISIS? because Barry O and his JV team do not have a clue or are there other reasons? (Thanks to http://www.stelling.nl for pointing this article out)