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From the UK Daily Telegraph news site of January 16, 2016 comes the following:

“James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, has been instructed by the US Congress to conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.”

What is not reported in the same breath of toilet bowl type reporting by the European desk editor is the story of the White Snow meeting held in Vilnius,  Lithuania by Euro ministers, NATO military experts and various sundry politicians discussing the new cold war relationship between the Baltic States and Russia. It has also been reported that Victoria Nuland (US State Department) well known for here statement “f-ck the EU”, during the Ukrainian Coup D’Etat by the new fascist forces in the Ukraine and the resulting Poro chocolate regime propped up by the US taxpayers, the World Bank and various financial gangster institutions. Pure coincidence you think eh?

The key issue is twofold: A lower oil price, and the resulting problems this creates for Russia in meeting their budget. This might entice the Russian military to move against the Baltic States in order to “protect the large Russian speaking minorities” which in fact do exist in these countries to a varying degree. A cautious approach has been taken by Latvia which will not dance to the tune of the British Secret Services and their cronies in the British newspapers.

The Telegraph’s poor reporting can be read below:

“Russian influence has also been detected in a referendum in the Netherlands next April over whether to block the EU’s closer relations with Ukraine. Sources said arguments deployed in support of the referendum “closely resembled” known Russian propaganda.”

The referendum referred to has not been held yet! The Dutch Parliament has approved the Association Agreement with the Ukraine, obviously for monetary reasons, in spite of the fact that it was in the Ukraine that flight MH17 was downed. The follow up report has not resulted in getting primary radar facts which should have been supplied by the Ukraine, Russia and yes the USA. Dutch Parliament members have posed questions regarding the poor handling of the official report about the crash, in the meantime the resulting boycott of some items exported to Russia has cost the Dutch taxpayers and consumers a lot of money.

An interesting fact remains, the Netherlands holds the EU Presidency for 6 months and last year 428,000 Dutch Citizens voted to hold a non binding referendum on the EU-Ukrainian Association Agreement which will lead to more financial drains (The US guarantees at least $2 billion in loans) on the taxed economies in Europe and bring the Neo Nazi Ukrainian movements even closer to their European homes where they will certainly join up with the current anti immigration movement spreading fast in Europe. Germany leads the way in this case with the Zeit news service reporting there are US allegations that the founders of the Dutch referendum movement could have had Russian support! The allegations are ludicrous and show the state of sorry foreign affairs in the Secret Services in the US and Europe, as if they had nothing else to be worried about. You almost start to feel sorry for Mr.Clapper and the US Congress and the Dutch voters will remember this bag of lowly tricks. Have no fear the current Dutch government will suck into this big time and play the patsy role in Euro politics.

It is obvious that the US Congress has no idea where the American taxpayers money is going, and the so called US Middle Class could care less as long as they have their Media Circus for their entertainment. Remember Obama’s recent statement in which he provided moral support for Estonia. I’ll bet you that at the White Snow Meeting a lot of talk centered around the famous NATO article five agreement.

Are you ready for a false flag operation before the US elections? Food for conspiracy thought perhaps, especially if we remind you of a statement by Chuck Hagel (R) the former Head of the US Defense Department appointed by President Obama in 2013:

We’ve allowed ourselves to get caught and paralyzed on our Syrian policy by the statement that, “Assad must go” … Assad was never our enemy”.