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Hear it and weep. If this bill goes through you can kiss your liberal expressions and the second amendment goodbye. The USA will revert to the new Fourth Reich and it will be more powerful than Nazi (the Third Reich) Germany ever was.

Why would a Republican go along with it? Where is the pay off for this moral decline? Why would a Democrat go along with this debased idea? GREED, LACK OF LEADERSHIP and no first hand knowledge of World History. This is what is happening in Africa now.

Mitch McConnell (R) Senate Majority Leader appears to be the US front man or stooge of the new political world wide fascist New Reich movement willing at all times to sell out the rights of the people. A very important question comes to mind: The media have not followed up on a strange event (link below).

Could it be that the intelligence community working on behalf of the White House have some dirt on boy Mitch and this is the payback  for the White House??? 


Thank you Infowars and Alex Jones for posting the video on Youtube