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gentlemanCertainly I would much rather write a few posts on any other topic, but sometimes you come across some juicy stuff and you just have to go with the flow.

No we are not going to analyze elections and so on, trying to blow your mind on a certain candidate. However that mentioned, if you elect Hilarious to the throne you are going to get more of the crap she and hubby Bill are known for. National Security on a private server anyone? Who cares! It may take 40 years to come to light and that is why we refer you to this wonderful link discussing the topic below.

Gerald Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report in 1975; Removed Section on CIA Assassination Plots

White House Aide Dick Cheney Spearheaded Editing of Report to Dampen Impact

New Documents Cast Further Doubt on Commission’s

Investigation, Independence

So much for what the pundits worldwide have suspected for years, and if you are a history buff, then the above link is for you. The entire affair is indicative of how Governments are run and do not think Barry O in the White House is running anything different, therefore Hilarious will never be indicted and once elected bury what WE THE PEOPLE OUGHT TO KNOW, but in reality are not really interested in knowing.

You, perhaps a regular reader of our blog, know that we use our discerning eyes to attempt to show you what impact events have elsewhere in the world.

The Netherlands Government is still waiting for secret radar data in the possession of the United States Intel community with regards to the downed MH 17 Flight over the Ukraine. Next month the Ukrainian Association Agreement will be voted on in the Netherlands, and yes there is a groundswell of opposition, not likely to please the Neocon American establishment (the Dutch Government is a staunch USA ally) and those Neocons will wonder why! This event already makes Mark Rutte, the Dutch Premier extremely nervous as more and more voters think the Dutch government is hiding some knowledge of the event. To open a crack in the tight USA-Dutch relations you could read this interesting “pipeline news”, the original blog written by a Dutch adviser disappeared and got censored! Might this explain some USA actions and decisions in Benghazi?

If you wonder why the title? It is Greek and literally translated means as much as  “everything in balance is always best”, or learn about the meaning before you speak. In my opinion, a bit of wondering will be your best balance. Our next posts will not be on a political issue, it is a promise.