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nowOpposite the park entrance in the heart of the city.

P1050512What a lovely Art Nouveau gate to the 120 acre Vondel Park named after one of the greatest Dutch poets Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679), known as the prince of poets. The park was finished in 1865.

P1050513 P1050514 P1050515 P1050518 P1050519 P1050520 P1050522 P1050524 P1050529Bordering the park there are some interesting stately houses with some surprising architectural detailing.P1050528P1050525P1050526P1050527In the quiet streets surrounding the park, there parked among the brand new Porsches or Teslas we found a nostalgic sight with real wire wheels, to be exact it was a Jaguar MK2.


P1050537Look at the size of this tree, an unusual find in this climate.P1050532

P1050533P1050531Magnolias galore in and outside the park and for quiet contemplation you can seat yourself here before you continue this healthy relaxing walk.