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P1050501Recently a fine art exhibition opened in Amsterdam on one of the quaint canals the Singel and it can be seen until Saturday April 16.

The exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions by members of the Dutch Aquarelle Club.

P1050483The artist featured is Sipke Huismans, a former Art Academy teacher/director and on display are  also solid aluminum small sculptures by a friend, the deceased Dutch sculptor Jos Wong Lun Hing (1928-2009) whose large sculptures can be seen in many public spaces and museumsHuismans has a discerning eye and on display are a number of hand painted one of a kind CD covers given to a Jazz musician friend.(below)

P1050481The artist was at times inspired by the music played and his free flow associations have modernist hints, from Sonia Delaunay to Keith Haring.

P1050482Throughout his career the artist has also produced a good number of etchings, some of which are also on display here.

The graphic design hints of the small scale work make you wonder what reproductions on a larger scale would look like, if they were used in different venues. (An example is an enclosure seen at a Dutch railway station by a different artist for another type project shown below)

P1050339 P1050340

P1050489The latest one off works are small scaled watercolors, nicely framed suitable for intimate spaces that require a colorful touch. The works come across deceptively easy but anyone who has worked in watercolors knows how tedious this can be to do it right and here is a longtime artist doing it right!

P1050484Perhaps the most unexpected work are the used boxes on display, found or used by the artists and then re-purposed into small scale sculpture like objects, covered with paper, closed and stabilized and painted with watercolors, originating little gems.


P1050488Dazzling to the eye and always catching attention, these boxes require a closer look!

IMG_0019The sculptor Jos Wong takes us back to another era with sensuous organic forms reflected in the large stone works in the photos.


IMG_0021An interesting observation is the confrontation between the large outdoor works and the similar small scaled aluminum works in the gallery display shown below. The small scaled works interact with the available light and color in different ways and allow us to do a bit of daydreaming as well. The much under rated solid aluminum works are from the Code Series and some are sold very occasionally at design auctions.



P1050495P1050498If you are traveling at a later date, I would suggest you drop in on the Chagall Gallery Wuyt in the city center near all museums and enjoy some of the most varied graphic work by Chagall available anywhere.