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P1050588This black beauty was spotted by your Twicemodern discerning eye on an early Sunday morning in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Yes the mascot on the hood does not leave you in doubt, it is a fabulous gleaming Rolls-Royce Phantom. This particular model is probably a Phantom II and they did not make a more beautifully designed sensuous car in England in my opinion in the early 1930’s. The Phantom was in a class all its own during the Design Streamlining period of the 1930’s.

For privacy reasons we are not showing you the number plate. Just look how the red stripes of the police vehicle on the opposite side of the street are reflected in this gorgeous paint job. I believe the model is a Continental Sports Sedan with Barker or Brewster coachwork but I could be wrong. Your expert opinion would be appreciated.

P1050581 P1050583 P1050584 P1050585 P1050586 P1050587Having owned some British vintage vehicles and an odd French RH drive Citroen Capron convertible many years ago as well, I would have loved to go for a ride with the mysterious owner but then again who would not?

If your mouth is watering and you are looking to buy a Phantom at your own risk, then here are at random two links to some for sale.