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gentlemanPolitics – Europe and Turkey

Yes, Pasha Erdogan is on the loose again! a Dutch journalist Ebru Umar has been arrested in Turkey for disparaging tweets about the great (sic) Turkish wonder boy Erdogan. In the mean time, the American Pasha Obama is visiting Hanover City, Germany making a secret deal with the new Fourth Reich Alemans to ship American advisers to Syria. Great Mama Merkel ohs and ahhhs about liberty and freedom of the press and in the meantime Turkey is way down on the 2016 World Press Freedom Index of the Reporters without Borders Organization.

The Dutch Government thinks only about the money they spent to satisfy the immigrant problem, money they contributed to Turkey. The hypocrite Dutch Government seems to measure their own freedom and those “freedoms” in Turkey with two different measures, just as Angela Merkel does.

Clipboard01The Turkish Government is extending slowly but surely a non democratic blanket over Europe through their attempts at blackmailing the European Union (EU). Recently, the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam, The Netherlands called for an immediate notification if Turkish residents found disparaging comments about Pasha Erdogan in the media. This was later denied by the Consulate. The Dutch Government giving lip service as usual does not seem to mind. A large contingent of Turks are voting in local elections in the Netherlands and after all a vote is a vote for the party which doles out the most.

The whole political picture reminds me of a scene from an 18th Century etching depicting the biblical scene where Lot’s wife is looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and being turned into a pillar of salt. (see below)

destruction of europeSomehow it reminds me of Germany’s Angela Merkel looking back forlorn at the ruins of Europe destroyed by the non democratic Turkish ways exercising a new real power greater than the days of the Siege of Vienna.  In the  south of Turkey the Government wages a not so secret war on the Turkish Kurds. Turkey which stills denies the Armenian Genocide has no place in Europe today nor tomorrow with Erdogan and his party at the helm. The European Court of Human Rights has condemned the Turkish discrimination of their own religious Alevite minority. The EU has largely cooperated with Turkey not withstanding their many human right abuses which have led to the closure of newspapers in recent months. American foreign policy is centered on selling arms to this large NATO partner which ultimately will come back to haunt them in the long run.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Anti Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) demonstrations were held in Hanover, Germany with over 30.000 people in the streets and in the Netherlands there will be a large demonstration against the agreement by farmers on Tuesday April 26. Of course Penny Pritzker (TTIP CZAR) and Pasha Barack want to shove the agreement down the throats of the power hungry and drugged European politicians, but thank the Lord for the Mayor of London Boris Johnson who told The Kenyan to take a hike when the American Pasha attempted to voice the opinion of indebted -to-the -hilt American Government onto those British subjects about their upcoming  Brexit referendum.