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gentlemanThe mask is off, The Turkish Parliament has obeyed the commands of the Islamo- Fascists running Turkey and their German Conservative Party (CDU) allies in Germany. With the required majority, the Turkish Parliament voted to discard immunity for approximately one quarter of the members of Parliament, the majority HDP (the Pro Kurdish Faction) members but not only those.

The next step will be some sort of indictment as these elected members are accused by the Turkish Neofascist Regime to be terrorists supporting the outlawed PKK (Kurdish Party). The German Neofascist plan to take over Europe completely by allowing unlimited visa free travel for Turkish citizens will take effect soon, even though the EU Parliament has to approve the measure.

This is the German Kiss of Death instituted by the Fascist “Drang nach Osten” (WW II term) philosophy by the German Chancellor Merkel led CDU by allowing nearly unlimited immigration to happen in Europe and then make a phony solution deal with the Turkish Government to stop this illegal immigration scheme.

The largest United States ally in the Middle East is Turkey which has the largest NATO Army, and Turkey is needed to prepare for the next war against Russia planned by the chemical and energy industries together with the Military Industrial Complex led in Europe by Germany. Already neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are slowly persuaded to join NATO together at the same time. Finland shares a 1300 kilometer border with Russia and can muster 60 thousand soldiers if needed and in the past bought 100 tanks from the Netherlands which were deemed excess.

At this point in time, the German/United States Expansionist Policy in the Ukraine has failed. The true traitor of the original  Democratic European thought is not France as thought by many politicians but the failing current German Government foreign policies and the absolute disaster of the left German SDP Party which failed to stop the hollowing out of the democratic process in a potential European partner.

Slowly but surely that dreadful monster the European citizen is waking up to the fact that their values are sold out by politicians filling their own pockets and those of their crony bankers. It is not too late for Britain to opt out and this could stop the current madness policies instituted in Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will have a meeting with Pasha Erdogan on Monday but this will be nothing but a false flag operation to appease opponents of any type of deal in Germany and in other European countries with the Turkish Government.

Armenia should strengthen their military ties with Russia immediately to offset the Fascist Turkish menace threatening the entire region.

Right Wing German Parties are already advocating that the dual citizenship German/Turks could be given a choice to either renounce Turkish citizenship or voluntarily being expedited back to their new Turkish fascist “fatherland” and so reducing the possibility of in the near future being branded politically as the new fifth column destroying Europe.

The European Parliament should recognize the de facto rights for Kurdish minorities within the region to carve out a new state in the region leading to the carving up of Syria and Iraq. It should also condemn in the strongest terms the attempt to hijack Turkey by Islamo-Fascists and impose trade barriers if needed.