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“A country which does not honor its military in the appropriate way will either have no men left willing to fight or be driven into exile as slaves, in either case the land will lay foul, monies will be worthless, the young will perish and the only glory left of an Empire will be that described in the history books”.

There are a multitude of ways to commemorate Memorial Day but not by shopping or grilling hamburgers alone. Death and dying do not belong only to military history but takes place in the life of the ordinary citizen who is free to shop and grill because someone else protected what should be the most dearest treasures of all: FREEDOM.

No, not the freedom to just do what you want, but freedom from oppression, tyranny and war. This is the first and foremost job of an elected Government: The protection of its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic, and this obligates the citizen who does not partake in such protection to be vigilant against abuse and excess.

Of course, we can discuss the many abuses throughout the world facing an ordinary family today, and it does not much matter where you live these days. Syria, Africa, The Middle East, Libya and many remote corners of the world can be followed on social media.

Sometimes a history lesson is in order when one wants to wade deeper. One such case was World War II where more than 50 million some say closer to 80 million lost their lives.

We can take the murderous Communist Regimes during the last century as an example where an easy 40 to 50 million lost lives or Mao Tse-tung’s history in China, no less murderous a history than the European one in the short 5 or 6 years of the Second World War.  Or, we can talk about crimes and punishment, but we should be talking about reconciliation and progress; about humanity; about law and international order; about the morality of large companies dictating how we live. None of this can take place without vigilance, the vigilance for tomorrow. Vigilance means looking at the potential pitfalls and dangers and actions by industry, government and their leaders. Let us take a look at history together below and see some of the pitfalls.USphoto:© Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images as seen on line in the German ZEIT newspaper

ZEIT, the German newspaper reports the obvious US soldiers as wearing the sign of the Kurdish YPG militia in battles against ISIS and the Turkish Government in the form of Pasha Erdogan calls this not acceptable, as Turkey wages a war in their own country against the Kurdish minority in the South. At the same time Erdogan has addressed a rally on Sunday marking the 563rd anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople – present-day Istanbul, a rally which was attended by tens of thousands. Obviously this is not the sort of Memorial Day we intend to refer to, this is a pure political event to appease the citizens and take away the attention of more pressing things such as the refugee crises. Just as in the United States the political attention is focused on the upcoming election and not on the citizens’ troubles dealing with every day issues.

Back to World War II.

IMG_0001This cartoon is found in the book An Inquiry of IG Farben shown below and describes the efforts of the Allies to bring order to Germany and to increase everybody’s business.

IMGSo you have won a War but were you vigilant? Here is the index for some of our German readers as it pertains to a company in the news recently, BAYER AG.IMG_0005Bayer which was part of the IG Farben warmongering combine did very well during the War, actually they did very well during World War One as well if you consider the case of Fritz Haber, the “inventor” of German poison gas.

Back to WWII.



IMG_0002NO, we are not going to bore you with the details, if you do not read German.We can rest our case by citing the points in the conclusions made before the United States Senate right after the War as listed in the book.

IMG_0006Point VI: IG Farben was the spearhead of the Nazi war plans

Point VII: IG Farben was the largest supplier of foreign exchange needed by Germany

Point VIII: The IG Farben dreams of ruling the world.

Part C: the New Order after WWII and the place of IG Farben and the planning for Germany’s Chemical companies in the larger European Business community.

In the mean time this happened after the war ended:

This was one of the many Official United States volumes produced about the trial.

Of course one could say, we cannot judge the company today by the things they did seventy years ago, but one should be vigilant. If, the Bayer/ Monsanto takeover happens, then it will be the largest in German history. When a pharmaceutical company pairs up with a large chemical company to form the number four conglomerate in the world, and so eliminating smaller ones, this to me sounds like a Cartel of the Old New World Order. Given the killer instinct of these behemoths, if I were the CEO of Bayer, then I really would think twice if there could not be another Nuremberg type trial looming in the future depending on what rests in either your company’s closets or in  Monsanto’s closets.

One could say –  unless of course you as a company have advance information about the coming approval of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement and are speculating you can put Round Up on every German bit of soil instead of the 40% it is used on now.

In the old days, the people in the know would say this is a mere corporate exercise in the usual Drang Nach em Osten of the German industries knowing full well that the rich Ukrainian soils would be a prime target for the use of these pesticides and under the Association Agreement between the Ukraine and Europe these Ukrainian farmers would not have a leg to stand on.

Or perhaps another future combined marketing scheme may occur with the largest NUMBER ONE Chemical Company in the world your old cohort BASF?  I believe sincerely, Mr. Baumann that this scheme is an attempt by BAYER, BAYER ueber Alles (oder allen) something that sounds like Deutschland, Deutschland ueber Alles ( German National Anthem).

In case the Vorstand of Bayer AG has a nostalgic moment perhaps the song is a good reminder of which way your decisions in this case should not go.

So let us be Vigilant, very very Vigilant!

Naturally many books have been written describing all aspects of war here are some describing another regime:

P1040678Eleven years in Soviet prisons, a biographical account in German.

IMG_0008So let us take note of what Dimitri Panin has to say to us.

IMG_0009Let us not vilify nor glorify any side of any conflict, but allow ourselves to be vigilant in daily life; in daily politics; to what goes on around us.

And this is why on a day like this – MEMORIAL DAY – the music below by Interstate 10 should ring a bell as it comes from real life and from people like you and me!

We end our history lesson, lest we forget.

Below are some links to background information for our history lesson.


Bayer 2

Agent Orange/Monsanto

Further reading:

Author/ Joseph Borkin:The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben 

Author/Diarmuid Jeffreys: Hell’s Cartel; IG Farben and the Making of Hitler’s War Machine