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lubalin4The importance of Lubalin’s work and his contribution to the development of American Graphic Design cannot be underscored enough.

Here is what others have to say:

 “Herb Lubalin (1918–1981) is best known for his wildly illustrative typography and his groundbreaking work for the magazines Avant Garde, Eros, and Fact. The Study Center’s core collection includes an extensive archive of his work, including promotional, editorial and advertising design, typeface designs, posters, logos, and other other materials dating from 1950 to 1980.”

The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography opened in 1985, the Study Center was created in order to preserve an unprecedented resource, Herb Lubalin’s vast collection of work. Its goal was to provide the design community with a means to honor Lubalin, and to study his innovative work.

Whether you are a steward or a collector of graphic design, an admirer or a writer about it, having access to reference material is of paramount importance to the understanding of the topic. It is a valuable way to discover the historical context in which the artist executed his work.

With respect to design/graphic design and related areas I have found two books extremely useful: 20th Century Type by Lewis Blackwell and Graphic Design Referenced by Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit.


IMG_0003(the important information of the back cover was hard to reproduce legibly perhaps due to the choice of the color used for the type. Beautiful is not always better!)

Kudos go to both books for clarity and the enormous amount of information available. Let us have a look inside the above book Graphic Design Referenced by Gomez-Palacio/Armin Vit as it pertains to Herb Lubalin.


IMG_0001Note that the Avant Garde type face is shown at the top of our post.

IMG_0002lubalin5From a totally different source of equal importance, in the Photographers A-Z by Hans-Michael Koetzle/ Taschen Publication, comes this information below:

bert stern

bert stern 2Now back to more of Lubalin’s fascinating life and stories which we have attempted to underscore by showing only part of the material that is available.

From our own modest archives, we show you the following examples.




IMG_0009Remember these were the wild sixties! Times of rock ‘n roll but also of censure; lack of freedom of expression; repression of a lot of things now freely available, and that is why it is important to get a picture of the whole story and not just of the separate parts. The photographs would not shock a single soul and neither would the texts but this was not always so and freedom has a price, yes even paid by graphic designers and authors.


IMG_0011In a world where we think that anything goes – the lessons we can learn are clear.