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gentlemanI had predicted, on more than one occasion, that the British voters would teach the Euro Technocrats a dear lesson and surely they did!

Rightly or wrongly so, no one will ever accuse the British people of cowardice and all of Europe should be thankful the Brits have shown the way out of this political aberration called the European Union (EU) by voting to leave it.

Those fabulous creators of the world’s first Democracy “Greece” are short and sweet in their comments and here is the political cartoon in the TA ENEA newspaper of June 27th, 2016.

In fact one does not have to speak Greek to understand the meaning.

greeceOn the right and left are the signs for the North and South poles, the text reads as follows: In the 18th Century we left America, in the 19th Century we left most of Africa, in the Twentieth Century we left Asia (Hong Kong), and in the 21st Century we left the European Continent, what’s left which way do we turn?

On an historical note, should the Queen want to go into exile anytime soon there is a historical precedent. In 1918, the German Emperor Wilhelm II fled to the Netherlands after Germany lost World War I and was given exile there, in fact he never set another foot into Germany and died peacefully in the Netherlands. That Emperor and the Queen are very much related.

Most likely this will be the first step into a dismembering of the United Kingdom (UK) in the near future, and a stricter political axis of evil with Germany and France leading Europe and their vassal states from the Benelux, including a few others like Austria, following their “New World Order” inching ever closer to the Russian border.

With Germany being the number three exporter of arms worldwide, the rest of Europe might have to raise their hands once more in the near future with that infamous salute.

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry is rushing to Europe to protect American Banker interest and those of his own clan and we think that the Panama Papers will die a slow death. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)  will be pushed even more by the American Globalist Mafia and the German leadership of Europe will cave in silently and secretly approve.

Those who laughed at Nigel Farage are not laughing now, listen to this speech in the EU Parliament below.

American power hungry lobbyists and their political Washingtonian stooges should note: November will come sooner than you think!

We bank on the Brits showing the way and kudos to the Greek newspaper.