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IMGWhat a wonderful find! A nice copy of volume 2 in the series Great Photographs edited by the experts Norman Hall and Basil Burton in Great Britain. Although this slim volume is undated, by looking at the ads in the back it appears to be from around 1955. The first volume in this series was on the work of Suschitzky and we covered that volume in an earlier 2015 post here.

German born/American Fritz Henle (1909-1993) had a very fascinating career and the key to some of his work is found in a paragraph by the editors of the volume, shown below.

IMG_0007A good bio can be found in an essential inexpensive reference work published by Taschen and titled Photographers A-Z authored by Hans-Michael Koetzle, and it gives us the following detailed information and some photographs from one of the photographer’s better known books.


IMG_0009Now back to our volume which shows us some very interesting quality work and suddenly, especially when looking at some of the subject matter, we get an innate sense of what this photographer wanted to accomplish. No wonder the editors found it appropriate to dedicate their second volume to this fine artist as the work speaks for itself.

IMG_0001The photograph is similarly in feel to the photos of Mexico used by Taschen.IMG_0002IMG_0003Probably my favorite choice, a winter evening in New York City with the lights on in Radio City at around 4 pm.

IMG_0004Another favorite is this view of the Grand Canyon, even more interesting because of the placement of the tree.IMG_0005One of the nudes in the booklet, a superb studio shot.

IMG_0006This photograph with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background should have been nominated a great classic shot years ago. Can you feel that sweltering 90 degree heat rising from the pavement in the city? This is the look of that other great classic everyone knows – The West Side Story.

The real importance of his work we can also grasp from this short video by the Harry Ransom Center for the exhibition on this artist.