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IMGFrom August 24th through September 11th at the Wout Vuyk Gallery on the Singel Canal 383, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is a group exhibition with a larger than usual number of members of the Dutch Watercolor Artists’ Society.

A word about the watercolor technique is in order here for those who are less familiar with this art form. We take from the website of the Dutch Watercolor Artists’ Society  the following information:

“Water-colour painting is considered to be the most exacting of artistic techniques. Once made, any correction in, or painting over of, is impossible. Mostly it is a question of lots of water, a little paint and, first and foremost, the light which shines through the transparent layers of colour. For the veritable lover of water-colour painting nothing equals the intense experience of colour, the radiance, the allusive lustre achieved with so few materials.”

The Society was started in 1945 by a number of artist enthusiasts and has survived ever since, attesting to the innate popularity of this art form. Most different painting topics are covered within the group such as landscape, portraits and figure painting, abstract works of painting and many of the members work in a variety of other mediums as well.

P1060067In fact the variety in topics mixes well. On view are botanical drawings by Anita Walsmit Sachs who was recently knighted in the Royal Order of Oranje Nassau for her outstanding art contributions.

P1060074Her work is in a number of museums worldwide and she has exhibited her art extensively, for example, in 2011 at the ASBA Conference, Boston, USA, the New York State Museum in Albany and the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Jan van Kempen brings us into the very well known Dutch atmosphericP1060066 play between light and water and presenting us this time with calm airy landscapes of the places close by.

Joanna Quispel presents some recent views of Paris, France, scenes that most of us would recognize as very very French and ever so lovely. It is not too late to acquire one if you did not find one in Paris.

P1060073P1060072Of a very different type are the esoteric larger works by Margreet Bouman whose portraits seem to be alive with Angst and focused on social interactions between the individual and the larger world.

Fredie Beckmans adds a lighter note and a more foodie one as well, his (permanent?) passion is about food and sausages in particular. I have my eye on the pair of spicy dried ones, but I am not going to tell you where they are hanging! Yes food sells and not only over the meat counter!

P1060071Helga Kos, exhibits 2 larger pieces of art work, shown below.

P1060076Helga Kos has exhibited widely, in among other places the Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montréal, Canada and she has been an art activist for many years with countless fine initiatives to her name.

Unfortunately, her limited edition highly successful artist book Ode to the Colossal Sun was not on display due to space limitations, but a few pictures and description are in order here (below).

A total of three superb volumes with a 155 pages of graphics all printed by hand by Kos who originated this very interesting concept which comes with a CD containing the last poems of the American Modernist Poet Wallace Stevens (1879-1955) written in 1954 and 1955 and set to music in 1972 by the world famous composer Ned Rorem.

Last but certainly not least an in depth look at the water colors presented by

Paul Husner that INIMITABLE Dutch/Swiss/Balinese painter of Monumental life with a capital M. Quick drawings appealing to the young and old alike and are presented here as a type of story book.

Social concerns play a large role in his work, something we found also in the monumental art of the Italian Twentieth Century masters like Sironi and Carra, Campigli or Fernand Leger, the French master.

If we have to emphasize only one thing it is the tremendous sense of movement throughout, and the impression of giants bursting out of a small white sheet of paper.P1060068P1060069Here is Drama and Color, but then again I would not expect anything less from this former Teacher of Art with a capital T.

A visit to this gallery will not disappoint. It is a small exhibition but very fine and worth seeing.