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p1060092img_0002This stately building near the centrally located Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has been the home of the Gallery Petit since 1974 with its three floors of gallery space. The interior of the building has a true 18th Century feel to it and somehow the art shown, mostly Dutch, feels at home in this well lighted space.

Currently, until October 1, three artists working with a different medium are highlighting the best of their works. The younger French artist Pascale Hémery shows wonderful woodcuts and gouaches for the first time in Amsterdam, the two other women artists, Kris Spinhoven and Wendelien Schönfeld, are well known and widely admired for their respective work.

Kris Spinhoven, whose portraits of her model Lenie were covered in an earlier post.

In this exhibition, she is showing her landscape paintings from France and some work done along the Dutch coastline. Wendelien Schönfeld exhibits wonderfully carved wooden realist sculptures as well as her fine woodcuts, one of the oldest forms of art on paper.

p1060118p1060119p1060144The Pied Piper of Hamelin, the subject of a famous legend, almost comes to life again in this large fine wooden sculpture by Schönfeld.

p1060147 Schönfeld favors the animal or human figure which is obvious from her work. One of her favorite topics is the relationship between the human figure and the horse, executed at times on a larger and sometime a smaller scale, but always very much intimately scaled.p1060135p1060141p1060132p1060131On display in the basement level you will also see her related woodcuts.

p1060146Pascale Hémery’s work adds a very surprising note to this exhibition, her themes are more contemporary and her execution is impeccable. It is also wonderful to see two different artists working in the same medium with different themes in woodcuts on display. The Japanese historical influence is recognizable in the perspectives used in some of Schönfeld’s woodcuts, shown below.

p1060102p1060100They offer a perfect juxtaposition with Hémery’s work.

p1060116p1060117Who would not recognize the rooftops of New York City with their water containers in her reasonably priced gouaches. Different medium covet different perspectives and we highlight a few details of her woodcuts and large linoleum cuts below. Photographing art behind glass with a lot of light is notoriously difficult! Voila!


Detail from the Saint Catherine docks in London

p1060128p1060126p1060125p1060124 Hémery is a keen observer during her travels and it shows in her work.The colored lino cuts are superb and you will just have to discover them for yourself.

The Petit Gallery specializes in what they term “lyrical realism” and if you paint in that fashion you need dedication, skill and you will spend long hours outdoors. Kris Spinhoven does all that and it shows. Her work is International Museum quality.

p1060112spinoven-nbr10p1060110p1060109I see all the elements of the French landscapes here that so many people love: The sky, distance, light yes light, the hills, and much more.p1060108Unbeknownst to some, there are similarities between painters on different continents whose eyes search for the same lyrical advantage points to use in their paintings.

Those of us who have seen the Impressionist landscapes of a regional group of world  famous American  painters, called the New Hope or Bucks County School of Painters, whose works are found in various American museums can easily recognize this. The painting below could have been made there and be displayed with the very best of the New Hope painters.

p1060107What wonderful artists and art work. The Exhibition definitely warrants a visit to this beautiful gallery. It will not disappoint. Enjoy!