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Perhaps the title should be: How a Stanford University Professor Uses the Foreign Press to Smear Donald Trump.

Link to the garbage article as it appeared in the German News Paper online Die Zeit number 40/2016.

The headline is very clear: A contemporary Fascist. Media modern, politically right wing extreme: The poisonous cocktail of Donald Trump.

zeit-1 zeit-2A fascinating inside and behind the machinations of the Media Pimp Empire! How the United States University establishment uses the “Foreign Press”, in this case the German paper Die Zeit, to portray Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to the German reading public in a vain attempt to bolster an anti Trump sentiment in Germany which can then be “fed back” to show the USA electorate how “bad” their candidate comes across in the foreign press.

The inventor of this sleight of hand technique is no less than an obscure, in my opinion, third rate Professor of Communication by the name of Fred Turner (related to the Turner media empire?) at Stanford University a bulwark of Anti American Liberal New World Order thought, but in this case hiding a clever smear campaign.

This Media Pimped Professor, you must wonder how much he got paid to write this crap, uses popular twisted terms in a poorly written article translated by the media stooge translator in the German New World Order Die Zeit Press, as if those Germans have already not enough troubles with their own homegrown Neo Nazis and the Merkel political immigration failures.

Perhaps the tens of thousands of people that go to the Trump Campaign rallies should show up at Stanford’s doors to voice their “fascist” opinion. Thank you Freddie boy! Your sly article generated over 300 comments in the Zeit and they were not very loving towards your article.

Trump did not create the Arab Spring with all the deaths., Hillary did. Just let us be silent about the Clinton household war on Serbia during the 1990’s.

I wonder where you got your history lessons Professor, perhaps from the Democratic National Committee (DNC)? The way you wrote the article, and I am sure you will attempt to hide behind a poor German translation, reeks of the vile communication methods practiced in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s by both the Left and the Right with the well known proven disastrous results that such rhetoric caused.

Here is a good topic to write about for a communications professor: How a former German Nazi run company like BAYER buys a USA homegrown producer of Agent Orange and Round Up like Monsanto, so they can dump their crap on the Ukrainians outside the EU and in Africa and create with the other former Nazi run German company BASF (the world’s largest chemical company) a new IG Farben conglomerate in the future and work on creating World War III with Putin bashing Hillary doing their bidding.