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p1060255Through October 9th, 2016 the Dutch Watercolor Society at the Wout Vuyk Gallery on the Singel Canal 383, Amsterdam, the Netherlands presents work by two of their members: Jonika Aalders and Araun Gordijn as well as the work of artist/sculptress Caro Bensca.

This particular exhibition is part of a series of rotating member shows with the inclusion of Caro Bensca’s small scaled sculpture for the occasion.

p1060226Araun Gordijn’s work is well known for illustrating some aspects of the older American way of life, such as, the love of travel, cars and the classical diner.

p1060225These attributes to the American way of life are found on both the East and the West Coast and many car lovers would stand in front of his exceptional watercolors guessing if it is a Dodge, Caddy, Chevy or Buick? Once decided the make of the car, then the battle would rage on to identify the year and the model. Visiting Gordijn’s website link above will also show you the various books he has published on the subject matter.

p1060230The scenery above could be anywhere including the New England States!

p1060229Hmmm, a 1956 Cadillac?

p1060227Low riders like this one shown below are commonly seen in California, but where is Route 66? Kudos to the artist!p1060224Jonika Aalders shows some interesting oil portraits and a few water colors as well.

p1060231p1060232 Aalders will work from photographs or have those acquaintances sit for her when she does a portrait. Some of the oils shown below have that fascinating Dutch feel to them but perhaps that is due to the hats they are wearing. To classify Aalders strictly as a “portrait artist” would not do her work justice entirely. I would have enjoyed seeing some of her other works of art at this exhibition.

p1060233p1060235I would be inclined to ask if this lovely Dutch girl would wear klompen (wooden shoes) on occasion.

p1060234Here comes a powerful surprise!

p1060242There is no half way, no stone left unturned so to speak in Caro Bensca’s work. She loves the small scale challenge and then adds an unusual twist usually using a variety of materials. Her skill as a ceramist plays a role in all of this, as well as, her intellectual pursuit of creating a dream world with her hands.

p1060253The opening to the felt Yurt, from the Turkic or Mongolian languages is a portable round tent covered with skins or felt used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, shows us she means business! Now have a look at the cast iron stove below.p1060244p1060245I would sign up for a holiday in one of these Yurts (above).

p1060249A Patinated bronze tree and two figurines in messing and silver are shown contemplating or just enjoying life.p1060240These figures have a rust patina giving them an age old wonderful feel, yes again the figures are made out of cast iron, a very unusual material to be working in these days pairing the material to the innate strength of the creation.

Next come the ceramics.

p1060241p1060250Shown above is a scale model with bronze figures sitting inside for a project overlooking the Chinese Sea made out of the volcanic material available there.
p1060239Just when we think we have discovered all there is, here is a tree made out of silicone with figures made of of tin and semi-precious stones. Constant experimentation, curiosity and attention to detail form the nucleus of the language of Caro Bensca’s work. This is Art with a large A.

A visit to this exhibition will be well worth your time. Great Artists, great work, and great atmosphere. It will not disappoint!