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The resistance heroes are the 4 million French speaking Belgians who live in Wallonie, the Eastern part of Belgium. Under the outstanding leadership of their Prime Minister Paul Magnetta, they refused to consent to the so called Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) desperately wanted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “the boy” and his American Big Business cartels of Banks, IT, the IBM’s, Google, Microsoft etc. In short, they are usually those who do not pay their fair share of taxes in their own countries and now are ready, able and willing to hollow out the rights of the European Union (EU) citizens.

YES YOU CAN WIN! CORPORATE GREED, Crony Media PIMPS and Spin Doctor Politicians out of touch with their Constituents in Europe were given a final blow in Brussels. Fact: Without the consent of the three regional governments in Belgium everything grinds to a halt if one of them refuses and they did.

MERCI Monsieur Le President Magnetta, Sauveur des Peuples Souverains.

Finally the pendulum is swinging the other way. Euro skeptics are slowly winning over large portions of voters in many countries. The voters see their politicians as being out of touch and spinning lies, and increasingly desperate. The Brexit was only the beginning!

Below is a good video overview of what is at stake.

And do you still wonder why Julian Assange’s internet connection was cut?