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imgimg_0005img_0001 img_0004 img_0002 img_0003 img_0006 img_0007 img_0008 img_0009 img_0010The date of this book, This Is My Soul with poetry by James Beitler and images by Lionel Ambroise and Dominique Franck-Simon, is 1977.

Twicemodern opinion: Has anything changed with the help of the non-governmental organization (NGO), one run by the foundation of a candidate running for the Presidency of the USA?

Or does giving aid to a country perhaps work like the description below, which I found in the book Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock (1989)? Yes, those really interested in how things work will be able to download a free pdf on the net of Graham’s book if you look for it.

img_0013Welcome to the real world.