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gentleman 4Who are the Legal Gangsters?

table2_0Quoted from our link above is the following:

“When figures are not accurate it is useful to compare different sources. Another figure can be deduced from the Defense News top-100 of largest global defence firms. The defence revenues of the 29 EU+ companies (there is also a slightly different SIPRI list) have a combined turnover of just over 90 billion euro’s (US$ 101.7 billion, see table 2). In a study of the European Parliament it is estimated that the biggest five companies concentrate 2/3 of the turnover, an estimation which is probably too high. Remarkable is that well known names such as Belgium FN Herstal, German Heckler und Koch, Dutch Shipyard Damen, French Panhard, Italian Beretta, Polish Bumar Group, Santa Bárbara from Spain etc. do not appear in the Defence News top-100. As they all produce complete weapon systems like naval vessels, tanks, missiles, rifles, armoured vehicles etc. we should add them to have a full picture. Other European companies, such as Bofors Weapons Systems, are part of US conglomerates and thus no part of the top-100 EU+ total, although production takes place in Europe. They are not included in table 2 which is thus still an estimate.The are numerous pitfalls in composing a total added value figure. Accuracy is also hampered by the fact that the EC gives only an overall figure and no information on individual EU+ nations, but some countries mainly produce components. The largest Dutch military export in 2014 (€ 700 million) e.g. was a significant export of components to Italy and Turkey for assembling the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But components are produced, exported and assembled somewhere else and then exported again as complete platform or again as part of a platform. There is the danger of double counting of added value. In general the method to prevent this is based on measuring the value added, but this can only be applied if the information is at hand.”

Currently, The Netherlands re-exports Canadian armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia which fights a war in Yemen. It also delivered Fennek scouting vehicles to Qatar, active in the war in Syria. All the more reason to stop the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and end all negotiations for trade agreements with the USA, the largest war supply monger on the planet.

Yes, bulbs, flowers, dope and weapons are a prime export article for those crafty Dutch!

Coming soon: How many United States companies are paying less taxes in the Netherlands and THUS avoiding US taxation? It is nice to know before you make the error of voting for a Puppet President next month.

This past Saturday on October 22nd, several thousand people demonstrated on the Amsterdam museum square green, next to the Van Gogh Museum and opposite the USA Consulate against the CETA and The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) (TITIP) Agreements.

Young and old demonstrated peacefully and rallied orderly in a several city block long march though the City Center afterwards. Political parties, Trade Unions, Health Care workers, Students, Pensioners all took part. On stage speakers rallied the crowd and gave a loud applause for their Southern Neighbors the Belgian Walloons who had the courage to defeat the pending CETA agreement with Canada which would have delivered the European continent to the bloodsucking International profiteers like Monsanto/Bayer and the US/Canadian arms industry.

Europeans want this agreement on the Ballot and voted for or against by their Parliaments and not by the fascist faceless Brussels/ Washington Bureaucrats, who do nothing else but derail economies so the banks and big business can make even bigger profits by buying cheaper in the long run. Never before was so much money spent in takeovers in the last five years creating larger economies of scale which are harder to control by any government, let alone by the Parliaments. The money was made by investors not by the working man or woman.

Of course, the TROJAN HORSE was displayed at the rally to remind all participants how a fraudulent agreement undermines the democratic rights of the people, who for example do not want the German Government to bail out the failing Deutsche Bank (which helped finance WWII on a large scale).

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