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img_0002In the beginning of the coming year we will be going through a number of cook books with fabulous recipes! A few of these gem recipes I am trying out for the table now, but simplicity is King and Queen, no gluttony here.img_0003Yes I like sardines and wished I had a bit of this Bellet wine from Nice, alas some Chardonnay will do also. But how about that liquor Lerina?
img_0005img_0006Our copy of this serious 5 inches thick handbook is properly dedicated to someone with a 1912 date, serious cooking, carving, desserts, cheeses etc etc.
img_0009Cucumber ketchup anyone? Just a thought.img_0011I would love to get into the trussing and carving bit, but my duty is to the stove right now. Among the books coming you can look forward to the following and more;

img_0012 img_0013 img_0014 img_0015p1060450Should you be in Amsterdam over the holidays do not forget to take a boat tour and watch the 2016 Light Festival.

p1060486 p1060487 p1060531Much better than my own pictures in a wobbly boat is the You tube video below uploaded to You tube by maxfoto 2003, taking it all in, in a canoe!

Back to the stove now, and Best Wishes to All…. with a hug,a kiss and a toast of course.