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ARGILE issue Number 8, Fall of 1975 with 167 numbered pages, in this French magazine issue there are 10 pages of illustrations of works by Louis Fernandez (1900-1973) and 10 pages of “dessins” or scribbles by Henri Lefebvre illustrating his own poetry between 1958-1972. Below are some images of the in part conceptual work of Fernandez.

img_0002 img_0003 img_0004This magazine used what could be considered a very contemporary lay out and the text was often placed in a free style on the pages. In the case of Elytis, the greatest of all contemporary Greek poets (1911-1996), it used a double page in Greek with a French translation.

img_0006img_0005img_0007img_0008This piece of poetry continues for several pages. An excellent biography of this great poet and Nobel Prize recipient can be found here at the Poetryfoundation.org website.

A very fine English translation of his poem Marina of the Rocks can be read here on the poetryinternationalweb.net website.

Henry Lefebvre’s illustrations, like the one below, remind me a bit of Henri Michaux.

Unfortunately Lefebvre seems very obscure some 40 years later and I am unable to provide definitive dates and facts about his life and works.



Argile magazine was the very best France had to offer in a poetry magazine, it was published from 1973-1981 with 24 issues in 20 volumes including 4 double numbers. Unparalleled in the choice of poetry and prose published, it also featured some of the world’s re-known artists either presenting their own inspiration around a poetic theme or as illustrators of poetry by other artists.

The magazine was founded by Claude Estaban on behalf of Aime Maeght the foremost French publisher of fine art in the Twentieth Century, the promoter of another art magazine, considered with the magazine Verve, the finest in the world perhaps: Derriere le Miroir (1946-1982).

This particular issue does not list the cover designer, but later issues with similar designs give credit to the surrealist artist Raoul Ubac as the designer