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img_0004img_0005Back cover design

img_0006We note the mention of artist Raoul Ubac for the cover design above.

Numerous literary figures, writers and artists contributed to this very important issue XIII-XIV of the magazine ARGILE as the index shows.

img_0007 img_0008Joan Miro contributed 8 pages of designs drawn with ink especially done for this issue. Scanner limitations prevent us from showing more than the partial image below.

img_0011img_0009 img_0010Pierre Alechinsky selected 8 pages of works produced over the last 5 years for this issue, below we show one.

In 2017 we will see a number of Museums with dedicated shows to the work of Alechinsky, among other artists with a retrospective show in Osaka Japan at the National Museum of Art and two shows currently in Budapest and at the Musée Matisse, Le Cateau-Cambrésis, in France.

Pierre Alechinsky produced a number of lithographs as book illustrations and a good number of these rare books are available through one of the finest dealers of this type of material in Venice, Italy: the Galerie Bordas.

img_0012The above quarterly spring issue of ARGILE has 231 numbered pages.

img_0013This is the greenish cover of the winter issue number XXI 1979-1980 of ARGILE, with 127 numbered pages and an 8 page contribution by Wilfredo Lam titled the Twentieth Parallel referring to his birth place Cuba. Again with scanner limitations, we reproduce partially a double page illustration below.

img_0014For those not so familiar with this great artist we post a portrait below of Lam.

imgWe found the above photograph by Walter Mori, in the important reference book The Contemporary Lithographic Workshop Around The World by Michael Knigin and Murray Zimiles (1974 Van Nostrand Reinhold Company). Note the distinctive style by the artist in the lithograph below as shown in the book as an example.

img_0001 img_0003The previous post Part One about ARGILE is here.