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gentlemanThe year 2017 will be known as the year of the REVOLUTION. We predicted for a long time in spite of all signs to the contrary that Donald Trump would become the next US President. We also predicted on more than one occasion there would be a near civil war in Turkey, a major NATO ally. For those who do not recall history, in October it will be the 100th anniversary of the Russian Communist Revolution and yes it did not last a Century but caused millions of deaths in the mean time.

In 1933 , just before the Nazi takeover, the famous S. Fisher Publishing House in Germany published Leo Trotzki’s major work the 730 page book:

Geschichte der Russischen Revolution (The History of the Russian Revolution).

p1060586p1060588p1060590The binding design was done by Georg Salter (aka George Salter) who had to flee to the USA, where he continued his very successful career as a book and graphic designer.

The Fisher Publishing House was taken over and had to continue in very reduced form in Sweden since they were a Jewish owned business. Never the less it took some guts to publish a book on “communist history” by a Jewish firm in 1933. The communist dictator Stalin took revenge on Trotzki and had him killed in Mexico where he was exiled by the Regime even though he had been a major contributor to the Revolution.

The revolution in the twenty-first Century has been the Erdogan led Revolution in Turkey and the so called “counter revolution” presumably led from USA territory by the Gulen Movement, according to the Turkish Government looking for various scapegoats.

However, there is much more to this story, for years the Kurdish minority has been very vocal and the “counter revolution” was the pretext by the Government to start fresh battles against the Kurds in Turkey and in Syria.

Here is a report found in the second oldest newspaper in the world still publishing, the conservative Neue Zuercher Zeitung from Switzerland founded in 1780 (older than the Times of London founded in 1785) and presumably a reliable source, not only on just money matters.

The story is about DIYARBAKIR  a major town in the South of Turkey in the Kurdish part of Turkey. You can run the link through Google translate or read the German version. It not only describes the general situation in Sur an old district in the town but also tells us about the sorry fate of the largest Armenian Orthodox Church in the Middle East the Surp Giragos Church.

 NATO members which not known to mince morals and politics, the persecution of the Christian Faith through Church appropriations and other means such as terrorist attacks should come as no surprise, but for the European Union Governments including the Merkel led German Regime it is more important to fund the “refugee rescue” efforts by the Fascist Turkish Regime with the motto” better there than here, even if they freeze to death “, than to protest the annihilation of a Christian Faith, in what used to be a secular state, now known as a hiding place for Muslim terrorists despite what the Turkish Government Run Media tell us to the contrary.

Erdogan’s efforts in Syria are not really to combat ISIS but to combat the KurdsTurkey is where the next revolution will start. The Roman Catholic Pope is quiet on the issue, he is more interested in climate change!

Let us hope that Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America is a true Leader of the Free World inspite of the rhetoric and (perhaps with a few Tweets can set the minds of the Turks straight) his advisers will not only consider the potential Russian/Turkish pipelines or other monetary or military issues when looking at the various strategies but also put moral issues at par with everything else. In the present form a dictatorship cannot be a member of NATO and there should be no compromise in dealing with appears more every day a failed state.