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What happens when two aged treacherous profiteer politicians working for the Military Industrial Complex go to a town in the Ukraine inorder to saber rattle a few flunkies? THE BANKS AND THE STOCK EXCHANGES WILL PROFIT.

The book The Causes of World War Three by C.Wright Mills shown below was not written in 2017 but in 1958!

img_0003 img_0004 img_0005 img_0006 img_0007Listen below to this 3 minute YouTube Video published on January 2, 2017 and hear three “snakes” TALKING. The English speakers start at 1 minute 10 seconds (1:10) into the video. For sure the hair on your neck will stand on end, and you probably will puke.

We have written before on the Neo Nazi connections of the current Ukrainian Government and their (Neo Waffen SS like) troops fighting other Ukrainians.

Who wants to be the patron of the Ukrainian resources? Who wants to sell the Ukrainians their Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crap? MONSANTO + Bayer. Who wants to go to Moskou (Moscow) on a war binge? Napoleon tried! Germany tried! C. Wright Mills explains what war is about!

Who wants to put NATO troops on the Russian border? Yes, the United States Crap head Senators making big bucks in a trillion dollar debt economy and their NATO stooges in European Governments who are taking their eyes of the real issues such as the rapid radicalization of Muslims in all of Europe and porous borders.

In the mean time, those self serving politicians in the USA and Europe want to impose more surveillance, more militarized police (so someone can sell more military equipment) and more internet dragnet measures and then create the false flag operation the so called Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to go to war. Clever but not really boys. Is this the reason there are now so many “Generals” in the White House?

These two men are not conservative politicians, they are the proverbial snakes in the grass, they are the spearheads of the next war economy and these are the same Senators that let you down on numerous previous occasions. You know who they are. You may recognize them in the above video.