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img_0008img_0009I had noticed the protests springing up around the world and in particular in the US and decided it was time to write a post about that topic on the 24th of February, as usual I got waylaid a bit and coincidentally found James Perloff’s latest edition of his conspiracy blog in my inbox titled ” Revisiting the Vietnam era “. The Vietnam war was the cause for the largest worldwide protest actions in the sixties.

How different the world reacted then. I found an unusual link to the topic in the book shown above which was put together by some real left wing radicals, peaceniks perhaps. Did we know then or do we know now what the true motivations of all those people protesting in the streets were at that time, and who and what sinister group(s) organize(s) them now? Is the current generation of protesters more or less well informed? Who pulls the proverbial strings? As usual the motto should be ” buyer beware”.

Part of the more peaceful protests during the flower power era were the songs! They contributed in a large way to the new music era that would follow.


Does the mask in the above photo look familiar?