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My favorite feijoada pan

An important part in the preparation of food is the use of the right cookware. Now, you might say a pot or a pan is just that, but in my opinion there is more to it than meets the eye. The color of the food is important, and the chef precisely knows this as he prepares the final product that comes to your table.

The pleasure of taste is not only on our taste buds but also in the brain, and it is part of the reason why we aesthetically select the products we use in cooking. Personally, I love cast iron enamel cookware made in the old days with their interesting colors, before white or stainless became the norm. The French company Le Creuset produces an enormous color range for the modern kitchen, and many other countries produced this type of kitchenware as well.

These pots are used in slow cooking and the green one shown on the right holds water on the top of the lid to foster even heating of the food. Note, the bottoms of the pans will tell you what type of heat is best. Look at the different handles and other design details, they ooze a down to earth design approach. Look again at the different shapes and you start to appreciate these classics.

The one shown above is best used on gas and the flat bottom shown below can be used on anything else.

After these pots are washed and dried, the insides are oiled with a few drops of olive oil and put away. Small chips on the outside are acceptable, if the insides are good these pans will last a lifetime. All the ones in the photos are vintage and these can still be found if you look around a bit.

This two tone colander is a joy to look at and to use. Another vintage beauty!Sometimes the cook (me) forgets what is cooking and the wood handle on the pot burns. Yikes! If only these pots could tell their own stories, then we would really know how good the chef was.A cup of tea could taste better boiled in this kettle if you are British!

Here is a great way to construct your own colorful kitchen landscape. Beautiful or what?

Or perhaps you like this composition better.

Better get back to my stove before all hell breaks loose, feijoada in this case. Bon appetit!