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Boy Wonder speaks, the Saudis act, the military industrial complex made the deal and who has to clean up the mess? Of course the West! Never mind Qatar owns 17% or something like it in Volkwagen stock, the Chinese Real Estate moguls own the larger part of Manhattan, the dictate is Sell Baby Sell. To give us a bit of perspective, let us have a look at what that piece of sand was.

So much for your history lesson. Now look closely at the caption of the photo below. Yes, it is today’s Yemen, yet the Saudis are bombing the living daylight out of these tribesmen. Do you really think all the pilots are Saudis?

What? A mosque was built on the site of Abraham’s Christian Church? Reciprocity perhaps? So you lovelies here is the source: The Unveiling of Arabia by R. H. Kiernan.

Let us not begrudge richness, opulence and other minor ills hovering over these mounds of sand, but let us condemn ignorance, religious extremism and opportunism before all will be returned to dust once again.

By the way don’t give me any s**t about the Jewish conspiracy, the ones below were saved a long time ago.