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What better way can you conduct your retail business and have your customers enjoy a book on a hot summer day?

The very spacious and nicely appointed Scheltema Bookstore created just such a delightful experience. Located a stone’s throw away from the main Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands they put out some deck chairs for anyone to enjoy. A purchase is not necessary. All the chairs carry advertising for some inspiring new book titles sold inside the store. Kudos for such a great idea.

Actually, anyone can act as a Dutchman in Amsterdam especially if you are heading to the Northern part of the City and go by way of the ferry which is free. A nice brisk summer breeze and there are some very interesting sites to see on your way over the canal. The voyage is just a 6 to 7 minute trip. The trick is to remember where you parked your bicycle, when you leave it near the ferry. Of course, you can take it with you as well on the boat.

Once you disembark the ferry, you can take a stroll around the soon to open Street Art Museum located in the industrial area. There is some pretty interesting art work on the building itself and the freight containers nearby.Even Anne Frank is displayed on one of the exterior walls. The area is hopping with many music festivals happening near this location also.

Above are the stacked freight containers with graffitti painted by street artists.